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📌Important Moderator Application

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Greetings Mineland players!

We've officially opened back the English community and we're currently looking for help!
If you believe you know the rules well, and you pass the requirements, make sure to apply now!


- Do not apply if you are less than 14 years old.
- Any lies within the answers results in an instant denial/removal of the application/rank.
- If you were banned at any time during the past 1 month, do not apply.
- If you get banned while having an application open, your app will be denied.
- Do not have more than 1 application open at a time.
- Bugging a staff member about your application, be it Server, Forums, Discord or elsewhere will result in an
automatic deny.
- Your application will be denied if you are inactive on the forums or server for more than 1 month.
- You're required to have a working microphone.

Good luck! 😄
We're looking for help!.

Forums Update (Style, Design & Patches)

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Our forums is back again and better than ever! Lets inform you of the updates we've made.

Forums Redesign
I'm sure this have been clearly noticed till now, but we've changed the whole design of our forums. Our forums style was last updated in 2018, but we've seen that many of you complained about how much that style fried your eyes, therefore, we've changed it all to a way more modern design, taking every single bit into consideration!

System Rework
We've changed how our report system work in almost all the forums, new system for reporting rule breakers, translation errors, and bugs. Everything is organized now and easier than ever for you and the staff! We've created multiple guides...
Creative+ Building Contest
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Mineland Network would like to announce about its newest event, a building contest for all the creative builders in our server away from every PvP aspect! ⚒️

The theme for this event will be a mine, yeah, a mine where players can go get resources and get stacked

❖ Rules
If you are found not following any of the following rules, you and / or your team will be disqualified:
  • Building must be done in Creative+
  • Building should include a place to mine coal, lapis, iron, gold, diamond, emerald.
  • The world the building is in should be void type
  • You're allowed to have a team of max 5 people
  • Only the plot owner may submit his creation, trying to post someone else creation will result...
New event!.