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Author: Jonas

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Have you ever felt like you need to blast your creative mind towards a good cause?
Well here's your chance!

For the first time in Mineland history we will open an English Build team (the painter division)

These Builders focus on the amazing mini-art found on many of our gamemodes.
[apply here]


Applications will be checked in 2 weeks from now.
We have many updates planned!

Who's excited?

We had some great times with PUBG but sadly we have to say goodbye to this mode...
Happy new year!
creator: @Zanif
Santa came early and brought us these great gifts:
- Up to 80% off Donator Ranks
- 60% sale on SkyBlock cases
- Exclusive x-mas cases {click me}

Check out all of the goodies: {click the picture}
Here's our spawn today!
We only launched Anarchy 2 days ago and this is already the result!

Come and join now:
- No rules against hacking, griefing killing
- No chat rules (except /report and /mail)