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Author: Jonas

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Here's our spawn today!
We only launched Anarchy 2 days ago and this is already the result!

Come and join now:
- No rules against hacking, griefing killing
- No chat rules (except /report and /mail)

This week we will have a new way to enter!
Be sure to enter via the other media for more chance to win Hero and/or 200.000 gold!
(gold and Hero rank will be split if there are enough entries)

Via Forums: (this post)
How to:
Reply to this post with your in-game name ONCE. *

Via Twitter: (Required: follow us and retweet the week 2 giveaway post)

How to: After doing the required things reply to the original post with your in-game name ONCE. *
Link: [Click me]

Via Facebook: (Required: like the page, share the week 2 giveaway post)

How to: reply with your in-game name ONCE. *
Link: [Click me]

Via Discord: (in week 2 giveaway channel)
How to:
Post your in-game name ONCE. *
Link: [Click me]
* If you enter twice or more you're removed from the event.
Hello Mineland!
Please welcome @Zanif our graphic designer!
He will from now on be in charge of our graphic designs.
To give back to you guys we made this week extra special!

- Doubled the fun with twice the amount of silver!
- Doubled the luck with a good x2 chance on crate drops!
- A great sale on our store to celebrate our supporters -25% -> -75%!!!
Our DEV team has something amazing and new for you!
PUBG recreated in Minecraft!

Call for air drops, throw grenades or start running from the poisenous gas!

- PUBG is still in Alpha so there will be some bugs.
- Enable server resource packs and use the one we provided. 1.jpg
Dear players, the dark Herobrine has taken over Mineland and has commanded his minions to decorate the hub!

Punch his minions for some cool rewards!
You can rob (trick or treat) players if you wear a mask (use the pumpkin in your inventory)

mineland 2.jpg mineland 1.jpg mineland 3.jpg mineland 4.jpg mineland 5.jpg
During 03:00 and 05:00 (UTC +2) the server will be down for some maintenance!

Don't worry this is just something to bring you new stuff!
The new thing that should be included after the downtime will come in the next announcement, stay tuned!
Dear members, you may have noticed a few changes, we switched over to a better anticheat!

If you notice any false kicks or any other issues regarding the anticheat mail:
Since all players who have an account on our forum can make guides now I was wondering what official guides players would like to see, click the image and give us your opinion!
Thanks in advance.
- The Mineland Team