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Author: Jonas

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Psssstt, check this out:
Please give us your opinion via [this link], it gives us the chance to improve Mineland!

Picture made by: @Nesabug

A new Justice has come to us....
You might see this once, maybe twice if you stay here for a very long time...

Please welcome @xJund to the Justice team!
This player has changed Mineland, improved it, supported it like no other...
New Justice-xJund.jpg

Dear members, we have some new things and some changes for you, enjoy!

Have you heard? We have added new melodies for the mini-games!

Now, with a victory, a more fun song plays, and at death - uuu, well, everyone must know this himself ...

Some updates:
Suggest your balance suggestions on the forum.
  • Decreased axe damage.
  • Horus flowers (skywars) (new)
  • Colored potions (fix)
  • Assassin receives items slower. (skywars) (nerf)
One last thing!
Oh yes, we have also introduced support for 1.12.2
Report about bugs via / report!
Great news everyone!
In 7 days all Heroes will be given 50 Autumn cases for free due to a new collection.

This means that if you buy hero this week you will still receive an extra 50 Cases for free when cases go live.

You can buy it here.

Donating helps us grow and pay
the bills, all money the server makes goes directly to improving it.

You will be able to buy these cases seperatly next week :)

Top donator!
And to make things even better, the top 5 donaters for september will get some cool extra rewards!


Best of luck!

And thank you for your donation.
Hello Mineland members!

We're looking for a person to track down all bad english translations and spelling errors on the server!

If you're interested mail us:

Job: English corrector/translator.

Task: Correct wrong translations and typing errors.

Payment: You might get some in game flair.

  • Perfect understanding of the English language.
  • A mature attitude is required to fit in our team so we expect sombody that can do this.
  • Mineland is always a project, we try to improve the network each day, this means you will have a lot that you can do. So we expect a person that wants to work hard to improve Mineland.
Dear players, we're happy to say that our prison has now started it's OPEN BETA period.
All players are now able to enjoy this great gamemode on Mineland!

A screenshot with some staff and a lucky player!
Dear players it's that time again, Our Black Market Cases are back!

Take your chance in getting the 777 777 jackpot or are you trying for something else?
The black market cases on skyblock will bring something everyone will find nice and cool, some examples:

  • Swords
  • Tools
  • Armor
  • Ranks
  • Jackpots
  • Other cool collectables.
Buy them from our store only during this week.
Click the picture by @ZozoThePro to go to our shop!
Dear players, you know that we have moderators on our server.
These people start as a Support until they prove they are ready, it's when they have proven to be able to be trusted and fulfill their duties.
Meet xJund and RockstarGames
These players have not been staff for a long time yet but they have proven themselves worthy and active enough to take the next step.

We; the Mineland staff,
Wish you 2 the best in your new role, moderator!

Apply to become a moderator here: [Click me]

2017-08-10_03.14.54.png 2017-08-10_03.15.01.png
Dear players, today after a restart many players were punished by our anticheat due to some malfunctions.
Our DEV team is once again working hard on solving this new challenge.


If you're still having issues with the anticheat be sure to contact us!
Dear players, we want to make it as easy as we can for you to enjoy our server and it's gamemodes.
So take a drink and become a Prison master with this guide: [Click Me]