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Author: Jonas

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Dear players, we want to make it as easy as we can for you to enjoy our server and it's gamemodes.
So take a drink and become a Prison master with this guide: [Click Me]

It's time, after some delays due to technical issues we are happy to announce that the prison beta is now live!
The following ranks and people can join:
- Hero
- Expert
- Staff
- People with the beta access key

You can buy your key here and join the fun: https://mineland.net/store/category/30

We added an extra discount as a thank you for your patience the last few days!
- The Mineland Team

Dear players, you may have found Mineland lag the last 2 days.
That was because we were under fire (some people tried to take the server down)

But we're happy to say that our DEV team has succesfully protected the server and that our technical issues are now over.

Now you know why there was lag ;)
We hope the lag did not ruin your fun here!
- The Mineland Team
Click the image below to check out our profile!

Schermafbeelding (432).png
Hello everyone!
Have you ever felt the need to quickly contact a higher staff member for urgent problems?

(no hackers etc. our moderator team deals with them)


Well now you can by visiting our facebook page!
You can send us a message if needed and see all our updates there.


Click the image to visit us!
Dear players, you know we love you and that we try to bring great things to Mineland.
After some behind the scene work we are proud to announce that the popular gamemode: Prison is coming to Mineland!

The Mineland Prison will have:

  • · An alpha test fase – This is for our lovely testers...
  • · A beta test fase – Our supporters, the donators…
  • · Quest system…
  • · Upgradable instruments…
  • · Much more!

The alpha testers will be able to enjoy this new feature on Mineland during: [20/07 -> 23/07]

The beta testers will be able to enjoy this new feature on Mineland during: [25/07 -> 01/08]

The public will be able to enjoy this new feature on Mineland around the first of August.

For those who can't wait and want to join our donators during the beta test can buy a Key here: [Click Me!]

(These dates are not set and are only there to have an expected date, if there are too many bugs we will release the Prison a bit later)

Will prison be your new favorite gamemode on Mineland? Let us know!
- The Mineland staff thanks you for the support from everyone!
°\_Hello everyone, I have exciting news for you_/°

We decided that Summer cases needed something extra and after some thinking.
We came up with this:

Most players know that Ancient Sky Cases contain amazing loot, and since Summer Cases were not so special as we wanted we took some loot from the Ancient Sky Cases and put them in the new Summer Cases.

This allows you, our community more chance to get some extra flair and show their luck towards others.


But wait, there's more!

To make sure you get the chance to get some Summer cases we have a 50% sale on them for this weekend only!

So take this opportunity and enjoy this offer.
Have a nice sale weekend ad good luck with the cases!