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New Profile Posts

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    VPN Master for Chrome
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  3. Moaz_The_Oofer
  4. q4f
    im q4f, i play on mineland daily, mostly bedwars
  5. StaySqm
    Hello, nothing is here )
  6. Aaditi Sharma
  7. yooslim98
  8. Nikita Siriscins
    Nikita Siriscins
    waiting for unban appeal to work:) \:(.)
  9. Nikita Siriscins
    Nikita Siriscins Vinko
    vinko can you help me please, i have been banned and i dont know why
  10. TeslaBella
    Real world? Isn't that the block world?
    1. DemonDiablo likes this.
    sorry u made me living in nightmare u made me mad cuz no one kill me it is the first time meduim player kill me so osrry remove your reprot or i will not leave you and continue saying hacker to you
    1. SerbaYT_HD
      lol wth
      Jun 8, 2019
  12. PVPPlayer555
    Plays Only Bedwars and Skywars. Does not play Skyblock and Creative but willing to help others build stuff in Creative.
  13. don
    i like your server but i cant login even i didnt register yet
    1. SerbaYT_HD
      boi somebody took your acc on that server
      i mean it happened to me too i tried playing on other acc but that one was alredy taken
      Apr 13, 2019
  14. don
    i lost everything my skyblock :(
  15. don
    first i join the server theres no need some password and login after 2 days it said login password :(
  16. don
    don Vinko
    can you help me i didnt register yet but i already play in my house if i play to other ip address it require login password
  17. don
    guys can you help me how to login i didnt register yet but i already play to my house if i go to other ip its require to login password
    1. SerbaYT_HD
      i don't get it if you are first time joining that server with that acc then somebody is using it /// or if you registerd then all you have to do is write your password like this
      this is your register password:banana123 banana123
      this is then your login password:banana123
      if you need more information just write me a message
      Apr 11, 2019
  18. Unfeeling
    I am a premium player now
  19. Wisely
    how the f do i change me name .-.
    1. SerbaYT_HD
      first got to icon on top right that looks like news paper then press contact details
      Mar 30, 2019
  20. YouStink
    why tf is there a discount when the server is about to change