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    please add this game mineland

    I made tntrun in creative+
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    One, Small suggestion

    Add placeholder %var_variable name% like if variable score is 5 then placeholder %var_score% would get replaced by 5
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    Spambots in forums

    Maybe make some captcha cuz does stupid bots are advertising their sh17 or some NSFW stuff
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    What do you prefer?

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    iSimpAlot's Introduction

    Btw lime chat color is &a
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    But with Team upgrades, no p2w stuff, better shop/quick shop, and permanent armor upgrades!
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    things that make mineland better

    1. why cant admin uses a few bucks on better anticheat? there's a plenty of them in spigot 2. remove unban from store 3. dont sell anticheat bypass, i dare u
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    fill the thread with whatever og names you can remember (atleast 3 years old)

    add this: Letters Breakless Me too xD ZIvthefire Rinkoo (idk probably older than me lol)
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    TNT Jumping and Fireball jumping

    iRexu_: that full diamond dude is so hard to kill Me having prot 4 diamond armor be on other network be like:
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    scammer in sb eng

    if /trade is a thing on mineland
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    Island Level

    Can someone give me a list of blocks that gives island level?
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    Spamming a suggestion feeling good lol

    1. send player to world, self explanatory. 2. Player with Expert or higher gets an ability to create “Global Database” where they can invite another player to join their database too, when they do, they can share variables with each other’s world, and also add “Set data to database”, “Remove...
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    💭Feedback Just another suggestion, Don't mind me

    Add "set mixture of blocks" will make a lot of possibilities to the new minigames, etc. Lol