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    [Deleted Message]

    Hi, We've been making updates regarding bedwars and have been listening to the suggestions, we're aware of the kits, and I'd be more than happy to tell you that they will be reworked. For emeralds, it's best if you suggest and help us, we'd pretty much appreciate it for you helping us out. For...
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    Issue with hackers in anarchy.

    Moderators are busy, they moderate the whole server, not only anarchy. Many of our Moderators caught and banned hackers in anarchy and will keep on banning them, it really depends on tbe moderator time as we also have stuff to do, in game and in real life, but yes, anarchy does get moderated...
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    Issue with hackers in anarchy.

    Hello, As someone that is interesting in anti-cheats and doesn't appreciate hacked clients a lot, I will be explaining a few things and make sure you understand a lot of things. Compare our 2b2t minigame with anarchy, 2b2t had barely 5 to 10players online while anarchy peaks to 30+ players...
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    hm? are you at least able to explain your situation.?

    hm? are you at least able to explain your situation.?
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    bought minecraft when i was playing cracked this link should get you to our discord server.
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    bought minecraft when i was playing cracked

    Hello, yes indeed. There's currently 2 ways, either open a request on discord or contact the mineland developers on VK, I recommend you to go through discord tho ^^.
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    scinnn’s intro B)

    good introduction, hello scin.
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    Some moderators violating rules

    Hello, It's quite unfortunate this occurred, however, if you believe a Moder violated our rules, please provide us some proof or report him on a Core Staff or Justice+. Please make sure it's not a "Helper/Support/Imperator" since those are not staff members. If you're unsure if the person is a...
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    ✔️Resolved Whipeout Survival - Restart it.

    Hi, Let me put some people into a few limits and handle a few misleading information going around. Stating that a Moder abuses their power without showing proof or reporting to the proper team isn't really a valid information and nor did we notice any moder abuse from there, otherwise it...
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    Username : dontkillmeinoob (Building Inapropiate Contents)

    Hello, Please avoid swearing on our forums and make sure you read our forum rules HERE. For your concern, this requires either reporting in game using the /report command or reporting in the correct section which would be Report Rule Breaks. Unfortunately, it's better if you report through...
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    Ghostex7536's Introduction

    says u :shut: adobe photoshop
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    Server Anti-Cheat max cps

    Interesting thinking, it was taken down due to how much drama you came to make, usually you should thank us cause our forum rules says we ban directly for something you've done, so sit and rethink about the rules before you type another word. Your curiosity doesn't seem correct, you were...
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    Server Anti-Cheat max cps

    Good luck, you're just here to cause more drama than anyone else anyways, and you forget that we're not the only ones that offer unban, but sure thing, as you wish.
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    Ghostex7536's Introduction

    says u omegalul
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    ✔️Resolved Bedwars suggestion

    Hello @mineNIN, As usual, we only accept suggestions on our discord, however, I'm here to tell you about our new bedwars beta. This beta is currently public on any hub, you're easily able to go to it and review it to see how we're currently working, notice how our bedwars beta currently have...