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    ✔️Resolved Banned for no reason

    Most modifications increases packets in the server connection. Depending on the modification it can affect some parts of the anticheat, so it's better to check on which modification might be cause of the issue. In anycase, this thread will be locked as it's resolved. If any further questions...
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    Lmao, so cute

    Lmao, so cute
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    fill the thread with whatever og names you can remember (atleast 3 years old)

    Where's me :( Well I'm not popular so it figures xd
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    ✔️Resolved Discussion on SW Alters

    Greetings Jainsid131, If you meant altars as "cases" then yes they exist by chance on other Skywars gamemodes. They have a chance to spawn on normal chests for regular skywars cases. While Ancient skywars cases can be found on Mega chests (The ender chests). Hope this answers your question...
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    ✔️Resolved How Do I Get Gold?

    Last addition, On our discord server we hold certain events in-which gives gold incase you won and other prices as well. If you wish to check out the server here's the link: Hopefully these three answers helped you out, this forum will now be closed. Any further...
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    TNT Jumping and Fireball jumping

    Why are you gonna use fireballs for long distance? Unless you want to trick shot always expect fireballs to be inaccurate since that's what they really are. Don't include hackers since we're talking about in a vanilla case. They're both completely fine and does what they're suppose to be used...
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    TNT Jumping and Fireball jumping

    There's some things here I support and things that I don't. First is TNT not dealing damage, I do not support this at all. One can kamikaze a bed without the fear of dying. TNT jumping btw, is possible, just hard to execute. I did some TNT jumps in Bedwars, with practice, angle and timing, you...
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    What Fruits do you like?

    Yes, mangoes and banana. Goodies 👌
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    ✔️Resolved Make Emerald matters! | Shop Update Suggestion

    Personally, it adds more challenge, I like it 👀
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    ✔️Resolved Make Emerald matters! | Shop Update Suggestion

    Greetings @Sonic, There's still some updates coming for Bedwars and emeralds will be given some further value and the likes. You're free to suggest this in our Discord at #suggestions to send them directly to our Developers for evaluation. Who knows maybe your suggestion might get accepted...
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    ✔️Resolved My Rank is gone

    Greetings everyone, This has gone too far. I'll give an explanation for these. Firstly, a player's rank will unlikely to be removed under any circumstances. Only those of the higher staff can do that. Although, removing someone's rank is very unlikely to happen. I would say it'll almost never...
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    Lmao, yes hi

    Lmao, yes hi
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    ✔️Resolved ban rian_sy multi account

    Greetings @notgamer100, As what @HouYinGaming said, kindly report in-game for 1.4 reports. You don't need to report here. As for the unbans, kindly ask those players to make an unban appeal here on our forums, our core will check on them as soon as they're free. Hope you understand, I'll now...
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    Sonic's Introduction

    Quite a simple introduction. Welcome to our server ⊂((・▽・))⊃
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    Coding++ | What is it?

    This thread just makes me more dumb when like half of these things are something that I don't understand (cause I don't code, and I'm used to the old coding system) 🙃