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    flying and building without my perm (creative+)

    i created my new world and he/her has no hero or any role
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    😊Offer I can code for you, ask me okay?

    can you code me tnt stick that explode evrything expect sponge and no damage
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    🙇Request code me a tnt stick that explode everything expect sponge

    hi i need a tnt stick witch explode everything expect sponge i need it for my world name (break blocks for op loot) and i want it no damage
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    Creative++ should add these.

    thats good suggetion
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    flying and building without my perm (creative+)

    the guy rahiplaz i started world and saw who came with me rahiplaz and started building and flying without my perms and i cant use my perm (/build) on my own plot ( i hope you'll ban him (thank you)