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Forum Rules

Official Mineland Forum Rules

Forum Rules

Above all else Mineland Forum serves to provide a secure, safe and family
friendly environment for Mineland fans of all ages to share and discover their love for
Mineland, through news, videos, and discussion.

1- Post in Relevant Section(s):
Posting in the most relevant section will ensure threads are seen by members most interested
in the subject. Threads posted in the wrong section will generally be moved by moderators.
Punishment: Add 0.5 warning points.

2- Nickname:
It is forbidden to use:
- Staff ranks "admin, helper, moder, tester, etc.."
- Obscene and offensive words.
- Names of other projects/servers
- More than 10 random digits in the nickname.
- Putting a signature violating the rules of the project
Punishment: Permanent Ban!

3- Hacking of Account(s):
It is forbidden to hack or attempt to log into someone else's account, as well as actions aimed at
obtaining information about the player's account "password, registration date and mail".
Punishment: Permanent Ban!

4- Multiple Accounts (ALTS):
It is forbidden to have more than one account.
Punishment: Permanent Ban!

5- Claiming to be a staff
It is forbidden to call yourself a "staff", act as a staff.
Claim to be a friend of staff.
Punishment: Add 8 warning points!

1- Insults:
Direct and indirect insults of players and their relatives in global / commercial / guild / personal chat.
Blackmail, threats and provocation of a player to a violation of server rules are prohibited.
Punishment: Warning in Private Messages / Add 4 warning points!

2- Chatting:
Prohibited messages containing:
- Spam: 3 or more identical messages in a short period of time.
- Flood: meaningless text: "aggdhhe hahsjfkkf".
- Flooding symbols: "aaaaaaaaa". Up to 6 characters are allowed.
- Abuse of CAPS LOCK: messages in uppercase: "HI HOW ARE YOU?".
(You can select 2 to 3 words in a long sentence) - begging: "give me please a stone".
- Foul language: "f*ck what a d*ck".
- Obscene expressions: "fk this sht".
Punishment: Warning in Private Messages / Add 4 warning points!
- Adult content sites
Punishment for adult content sites: Add 6 Warning points!

3- Politics:
It is forbidden to mention third-party servers and talk about politics, religion, drug propaganda, infringement of minority rights.
Punishment: Add 7 warning points!

4- Advertising:
It is forbidden to advertise third-party projects in chat and on streams.
Channel and stream advertising on the server are allowed if it's Mineland related.
Punishment: Permanent Account Ban.

5- Insulting the project:
Insulting the server / project.
Punishment: Adding 15 warning points!

6- Duplications:
Do not duplicate topics, repeat posts, messages not carrying semantic information (flood), offtopic - are forbidden.
Punishments: Adding 2 warning points!

1- The provocation of a moderator for a punishment
Moderators are also living people who have the right for small errors, so if you deliberately
type in the chat a message what is "nerly nearly" violating the rules, but actually dont
violate them, then don't be mad if you haven't got "nearly nearly" punished, but punished.
If the main moderators count your actions as provocative ones, then it will be punished.
Punishment: Add 3 warning points!

2- Discussion of the work of moderators
The work of moderators is not discussionable on the server. If the moderator misunderstood the situation, write to him one message explaining your actions or a report.
If the wrong punishment is not removed, you can leave a complaint with evidence of error on the forum.

Insult or criticism of moderators, administration in the chat room, in the private messages, in the report.
Punishment: Adding 8 warning points!

Jul 26, 2018
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