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Commands, Features and FAQ


You're allowed to play Mineland in versions 1.8-1.12.2.

To purchase a donation you can visit our virtual store online.
In-game you can see a description of all possible donation rank perms with the command /donate.
If you're having struggles trying to make a donation contact us on: [email protected]

Rules can be read from this link:
Rules or if you want to read the short, abbreviated version of the Mineland rules,
you can read them in-game with the command /rules.

To communicate with the administration on the server, use the command /report for your
question, complaint, or found bugs. If you're wondering on where you can submit your ideas
to improve the server, post it on the forums.

Registration and Accounts:

After registering an account on our server, don't forget to set up an e-mail
with the command /addemail. If you're planning on changing your Mineland password
the command is /changepass. If you want to change your e-mail then type /changeemail.
All account settings can be changed with /settings. You can also use various skins,
just use the command /skin *IGN*. All skins can be found on mcskinsearch.com/browse.

Hub Info

You can also find a menu of effects to equip onto your player, to receive effects you can either:

- Get them in cases.
- Crafting a certain effect with other effects.

Next to every mini-game lobby, there should be a "Discoveries Alter" machine that allows you
to open up cases in which you can find effects, to equip effects onto your player,
click on the Blaze Powder in your hot-bar.


To view warps and features, use the compass or the command /menu.
Spawn has a mod arena (/mob), parkour (/pk), a shop (/shop), a PvP arena (/pvp),
and a place for enchanting (/enchant). If you’re having trouble/confusion with your island, use /tutorial.

For communication uses:
Use “!” before your message to chat in the Global Chat.
Use “/t” before your message to chat in the Trade Chat (This feature can be turned on/off in settings.)

/msg IGN - Use this command for direct messages.
/mail send IGN - Use this command to send messages that can be opened up later on with /mail read.
To teleport to other players, use /tpa IGN and to accept/deny the request use /tpaccept or /tpdeny.

To begin a survival island, use the command /start. To complete quests, use the command /c.
You can switch your island with commands such as /is and /flag.

On your island, you can add an unlimited amount of players, enable/disable PvP,
enable/disable hostile mobs, change biomes, and much more. To improve your island,
you can buy a rank on our online shop or you can get lucky and get it from a Skyblock case.
An island has the capacity to hold up to 100 friendly mobs but this is only if you have no rank,
if you have a donation rank ([Gamer], [Skilled], [Expert], [Hero], etc.) you'll be allowed to have
more passive mobs on your island.

On Skyblock there's a feature where Axes, Swords, Bows, and Elytras cannot break.
Also, if you use a Diamond Axe, you'll be able to chop down an entire tree at once.
To check your balance (or someone else's balance) use the command: /money *IGN*
To give someone money in Skyblock use the command: /pay *IGN* *amount of money*
Resources can be bought in /shop. You can also get resources for playing in the mod-arena or opening cases.
To see all warps use the command /warp all. If you want to teleport, use the command /warp *warp name*
To make an auction, first, make sure you're holding the item you want to auction in your hand,
then type /auc *price* in the chat.To buy items on auction use the command /bid.

Warps can be set by donators.
For selling/buying type:
[sell] or [buy]


To find out the ID of the object, you'll need to take it in the hand and type /id.
To see Top Islands type in the chat /is top. You could also
do /balancetop to check who has the most money on that Skyblock.

Still have questions?
Don't hesitate, ask on the server, forums, or in our Discord, we'd be happy to help :)