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Server Rules

Mineland Official in-game Server Rules

Mineland Network - Server Rules

Terms of agreement:
When playing on the server, you agree to follow the rules below.
If the player does not agree with them, he must leave the server.

The administration has the right to change the rules at any time.
Penalties are chosen by the administration in a particular case.
For punishment not specified in the rules, the punishment is chosen according to the administration.

Givebacks / Refunds:
Administration is not obliged to return things lost due to unforeseen circumstances.
(bugs, kickbacks, thefts, etc.)

Voluntary donations:
Administration is not responsible for improperly transferred funds.
Paid purchases and funds are not exchangeable or refundable.

1. nickname:
It is forbidden to use:
- staff ranks on the server (admin, helper, moder, tester, etc.)
- obscene and offensive words
- names of other projects/servers
- more than 10 random digits in the nickname
- put a suffix, prefix, violate the rules of the project
Punishment: Ban account forever

2. Skin and messages at the entrance:
Forbidden greeting and farewell that violate the server rules (caps lock, advertisement, insult, finally expressions, etc.)
as well as deliberate flood messages and references to third-party resources.
Punishment: Ban account for 1 hour

3. Sale / Transfer / hacking of the account:
The sale and transfer of the account is prohibited.
It is forbidden to hack or attempt to log into someone else's account, as well as actions aimed at
obtaining information about the player's account (password, registration date and mail).
Punishment: Ban account forever

4. Trades related to in-game content and store items by players:
The sale of game resources for real money is forbidden.
Punishment: Ban account for 30 days

5. Buggery:
It is forbidden to use bugs, dupes, defects of modifications, plugins, etc.
Punishment: Ban account for 30 days by IP + removal of the island

6. Cheating (Using third party programs):
The use or presence of cheats that give an advantage over the player is prohibited.
All kind of game modifications are forbidden. Only Optifine is allowed.
Punishment: Ban account for 30 days by IP in addition to normal 30 days ban.

7. Multiple accounts (ALTS):
It is forbidden to have more than one account.
Exception: It is allowed to create an account with the prefix _рабочий, or _work. Working
or using it as a main account is not allowed. (Example: to build something for other players
for a fee). Or stand AFK. To have an Island on a working account is prohibited if the main
account has a ban it is not allowed to increase the level of the island or to make purchases/sales.
Punishment: Ban account forever

8. Bypassing the bans / Mutes:
Bypassing the bans or Mutes is prohibited.
Punishment: Ban account by IP + the punishment will be doubled.

9. Griefing
In SkyBlock:
It is forbidden to grief, murder after teleportation for a peaceful purpose, trick players into traps,
not corresponding to an agreement for the return of items after a fight or while working.
Grief by an island member of the island is not punished.
There will be no return of items/damage.
Punishment: Ban account for 30 days

1. Insults:
Direct and indirect insults of players and their relatives in global / commercial / guild / personal chat.
Blackmail, threats and provocation of a player to a violation of server rules are prohibited.
Punishment: Warning / Mute for 5 - 60 minutes

2. Chatting:
Prohibited messages to the global / commercial / guild / personal chat, containing:
- spam: 3 or more identical messages in a short period of time
- flood: meaningless text: "aggdhhe hahsjfkkf"
- flood symbol: "aaaaaaaaa". Up to 6 characters are allowed
- abuse of CAPS LOCK: messages in uppercase: "HI HOW ARE YOU?"
(You can select 2 to 3 words in a long sentence) - begging: "give me please a stone"
- foul language: "f*ck what a d*ck"
- obscene expressions: "fk this sht"
Punishment: Warning / Mute for 5 - 60 minutes

- messages in the trade chat that are off topic: /t how are you ?.
Punishment for messages in the trade chat off topic: Warning / Mute for 10 - 30 minutes

- bypassing the chat filter
Punishment for bypassing the chat-filter: Mute for 30 Minutes - 2 hours

- adult content sites
Punishment for adult content sites: Mute for 2 hours

3. Organizating flood:
If you conduct a quiz or a survey, take answers in personal chat or on your warp in a local chat (chat on the island).
Punishment: Mute for 10 minutes - 30 hours

4. Politics:
It is forbidden to mention third-party servers and talk about politics, religion, drug propaganda, infringement of minority rights.
Punishment: Mute for 12 - 24 hours

5. Leaking bug information:
Leaking information about cheats, bugs, dump methods, etc. to non-staff.
This information should be reported only to UrMinsDie / abode in / report, on the forum or in discord.
Punishment: Ban account for 30 days

6. Advertising:
It is forbidden to advertise third-party projects in chat and on streams.
Channel and stream advertising on the server are allowed if it's Mineland related.
Punishment: Ban account forever

7.Insulting the project:
Insulting the server / project.
Punishment: Ban account for 5 hours - 5 days

8. Claiming to be a friend of staff:
It is forbidden to call oneself an administrator (moderator, etc.), their relative, friend
and anyone for the purposes of threatening, extortion and other negative actions.
Punishment: Ban account for 1 day

1. Teaming in solo:
It is forbidden to unite with other players on Solo-modes (including pvp arena on SkyBlock).
Punishment: Ban account for 24 hours

2. Teamkilling:
It is forbidden to interfere with your teammates in a joint game , try to kill them, etc.
Punishment: Ban account for 48 hours

3. Immature builds:
3. Prohibited unethical to build buildings on BuildBattle, SkyWars etc..
Punishment: Ban account for 12 hours

4. AFKing
It is forbidden to be afk on parkour, pvp-arena and on the mob arena for more than 3 minutes.
Punishment: Kick

1. Warps
- immoral / offensive / obscene name of the warp
- Indecent design (buildings, inscriptions)
Punishment: Deletion of the warp

- if the owner of the warp does not enter the game for more than 14 days, the warp will be removed
- put warps in the air, and other unsafe places
It is necessary to protect and put warning signs in a conspicuous place with information about the included pvp or closed territory.
Punishment: Ban account for 7 days + deletion of the warp

2. Trading
Reports on trade, exchange and advertising of your store are allowed in the trading chat /t [message].
You can advertise the store not more than once in 2 minutes.
Advertising of non-trading warp in the global chat is allowed.
Punishment: Mute for 10 - 30 minutes

Prohibited cheating when exchanging / buying things / when working on an island.
With complaints, contact the forum with screenshots or video.

Punishment: Ban account for 14 days

At auction, it is prohibited to raise rates in a conspiracy,
repeatedly overstate the value of an item during a lively trade without buying it.
Punishment: Ban account for 1 - 24 hours

You can not put things on sale with fraudulent / immoral / insulting names and names from the case collections.
It is forbidden to flood the same rates, not selling them.
Punishment: Ban account for 12- 24 hours Punishment For flooding the auction: Ban account for 30 minutes

1. Reports
You can contact the moderators in /report [rule breaker's name] [message] and on the forum.
If the staff is not online when considering the complaint or the incident occurred a long time ago,
send a complaint to the staff on the forum with the evidence (screenshot, video).

Moderators deal with situations of violation of the rules.
If the question is not specific or not relevant to the moderator's work, it can be ignored.

Flood / spam in the report.
Punishment kick, if the account is violated again: Ban for 10 minutes

To beg for things / privileges / assortment.
Administration unbans only in the case of a ban issued by mistake.
Refer to the forum in the topic "Ban appeal".
Moderators do not distribute or return items.
Punishment: Kick, if the account is violated again: Mute 30 - 60 minutes

It is forbidden to interfere with the moderator's work.
Do not spam the requests for teleportation without reason, messages not related on the case, etc.
Punishment: Ban account 1 - 12 hours

To deceive , mislead the moderator.
Punishment: ban account for 1 day

2. The provocation of a moderator for a punishment
Moderators are also living people who have the right for small errors, so if you deliberately
type in the chat a message what is "nerly nearly" violating the rules, but actually dont
violate them, then don't be mad if you haven't got "nearly nearly" punished, but punished.
If the main moderators count your actions as provocative ones, then it will be punished.
Punishment: ban account for 1 day

3. Discussion of the work of moderators
The work of moderators is not discussionable on the server.
If the moderator misunderstood the situation, write to him one message explaining your actions or a report.
If the wrong punishment is not removed, you can leave a complaint with evidence of error on the forum.

Insult or criticism of moderators, administration in the chat room, in the private messages, in the report.
Punishment: Ban account for 12 hours - 7 days