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  1. Tro:lmaso

    Why the hell do you keep increasing my ban time?!

    It was 14 days, now it's 30. Then, I checked again to see the timer was reset. I mean dang I'm already dead stop shootin' me.
  2. Tro:lmaso

    💭Feedback Add "get number of characters in a str variable" code

    It would get the number of letters/numbers/characters etc in a string variable, for example "Hello" would return 5
  3. Tro:lmaso

    Add Auctions (From Skyblock)

    Would be useful
  4. Tro:lmaso


  5. Tro:lmaso

    Suggestion for Survival Claims

    Make claims apply to every block from bedrock to the build limit, so anything you build underground/above your base is claimed as well.