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  1. DJMahirNationTV

    Doubts in the server

    You can, /p add (FRIENDNAME) then click in the Hub at the Diamond Sword and choose Solo, you can see a NPC (Player Bot) left there with name "1v1". Best Regards and have fun, DJMahirNationTV (User is back from Lags)
  2. DJMahirNationTV


    I say Hello Bro to everyone,
  3. DJMahirNationTV

    top 5 best skywars kits not clickbait

    probably he is just telling us his Powers, btw Kits and Perks, he has on xD
  4. DJMahirNationTV

    What's your favorite type of music

    I love EDM and Trap, but Metal Trap >:D and my Music >:D
  5. DJMahirNationTV

    Heyyyyy, long time no seen? ya i think

    Man What Happend ;(
  6. DJMahirNationTV


    What the Hell, man you are making Stories like Dhar Mann xD
  7. DJMahirNationTV

    How is this New Forum Style??

    Vote, what you think about this Forum Style?
  8. DJMahirNationTV

    Happy Brithday!!!

    Happy Brithday!!!
  9. DJMahirNationTV

    my discord account got hacked

    Oke Thank you for Saying it, but if you know, there is a Rule allready, called "DM Adversthing" so and it let ban your "Hacked Account" at Discord Mineland Server
  10. DJMahirNationTV

    moder make a (Imperator people) not play mineland forever and they think this is a good things...

    @JonasTD will help you! Next Time please, tell him make appeal make himself, not you, (the Rules says it). And this is the Wrong Section. Tell him go on: "Click Here"
  11. DJMahirNationTV

    Hewwo Bro =D

    Hewwo Bro =D
  12. DJMahirNationTV


    Sup Bro, as they said, there is no Fast Support, but there is a "Bypass AntiCheat" or Imperator and Suppport Rank. This features you can buy it in the Stores, if you click on Ranks or on Special. You can ban them Hackers by-urself. BUT you have to need a Vaild Proof. Thenyou can send it simply...
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  14. DJMahirNationTV

    EPIC Suggestions for Creative+

    WHat is tha?
  15. DJMahirNationTV

    Are you mad to me? 😢🥺

    I am sorry for that. I know, that was dumb from me to share forbidden Informations. I know what i did, i learned a lesson. But i cannot lose u man. Please don't be disappointed to me. I know my actions was false by the way. 😪😔 Please forgive me ;(
  16. DJMahirNationTV

    Are you mad to me? 😢🥺

    @SupremGamer101 my bro, you still mad to me because of the Discord Server?🥺 You always my friend, please don't go😢
  17. DJMahirNationTV

    someone help me

    Ohhh F! Try to ask Minecraft Support about that.
  18. DJMahirNationTV

    EPIC Suggestions for Creative+

    By my side, The 1st, is very good idea, because i have some workers in my world, but if i am offline, then they cannot enter. The 2nd, we don't need it, because, you need only Imperator Rank for a World Edit system. The 3nd is sadly impossible, because that can makes the Server laggy or it can...
  19. DJMahirNationTV

    EPIC Suggestions for Creative+