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  1. PVPPlayer555

    Happy April Fools! Now, will you prank someone? 👀

    Happy April 1st everyone, it's April Fools. Since it's April Fools, there'll be some pranks and trolls going around. Since I just got rickrolled 6 times today (I hate my life), how will you troll/prank a certain friend/acquaintance/family member of yours? What plans do you have on...
  2. PVPPlayer555

    PVPPlayer555's Introduction

    PVPPlayer555's Introduction: Hi everyone, my in-game name is PVPPlayer555. My friends call me by many different nicknames, others call me Toni, Jes, Keu, Phin, Carrot, and any nicks that they desire. I don't really mind getting any form of nicknames, I find it quite interesting from my own...