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  1. PVPPlayer555

    ✔️Resolved Lostdream0=the guy who tpa people to border known as border kill

    Greetings @iloveyousomych, Make sure next time to report this in the proper section. This player is already punished for their violations. Kindly take note of this and report your proofs in the correct area next time. Thanks for reporting. Have a great day ahead, PVPPlayer555 | Moder⁺
  2. PVPPlayer555

    What is your FAV. Drink?

    I prefer any Juice (usually apple or four seasons). I like any cold drinks except for soft drinks, not a big fan of soft drinks. I'm also into coffee one way or another
  3. PVPPlayer555

    What's the best breakfast? 👀

    I wonder what it taste like... Since I inhale it than eat it (@[email protected])
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  5. PVPPlayer555

    ✔️Resolved How do filters work? How do I set one up?

  6. PVPPlayer555

    scinnn’s intro B)

    Scin do be speedrunning introduction
  7. PVPPlayer555

    What's the best breakfast? 👀

    This thread just makes you hungry as you scroll here 😂
  8. PVPPlayer555

    How Old are you?

    Sadly me drone helicopter kekeke
  9. PVPPlayer555

    How Old are you?

    What's the lifespan of a helicopter 🤔
  10. PVPPlayer555

    Normal water or cold water?

    I'd go with cold water... I usually prefer cold water in many things so, yea xd
  11. PVPPlayer555

    Sugar's Introduction

    Imagine doing exercise 😔
  12. PVPPlayer555

    Helpers are better than moders

    Poggers lol, Well let's see kek. If I return but only use discord and lazy to play mc then yes 😆
  13. PVPPlayer555

    Helpers are better than moders

    If I quit moder me probably won't be becoming staff anymore at Mineland 😅 😆
  14. PVPPlayer555

    Ghostex7536's Introduction

    Noice, I shall be the waiter 😂 Cuz my palate is... Picky lol
  15. PVPPlayer555

    Ghostex7536's Introduction

    Mineland Hell's kitchen 😅
  16. PVPPlayer555

    What's the best breakfast? 👀

    Imagine eating pizza for breakfast, yes plz 👀
  17. PVPPlayer555

    Helpers are better than moders

    How to start a whar 101
  18. PVPPlayer555

    What do you like (Gamemodes)?

    It's more like cuz I keep getting killed by you 😭
  19. PVPPlayer555

    ✔️Resolved New Map For Bedwars are bad....

    Greetings dfxfikbu, Do not worry, there'll be new updates coming soon for Bedwars and Skywars. Though the date of them aren't confirmed, you're free to stay-tune here on our forums or on our discord's announcements. Here's our discord link: Have a great day...