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READ FIRST Terms and Conditions

Discussion in 'Rules' started by SwiftAdviser, Mar 18, 2017.

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  1. SwiftAdviser

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    Feb 13, 2017
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    Provided services

    You can purchase a set of commands, currency or resourses. Purchased ranks are working on all Mineland Network servers.

    Current and more detailed information can be found in a Shop section. Only specified in a description at the moment of purchase services are provided.


    You can only purchase services at this website (mineland.net). No other third-party websites and people have rights to sell you the services for this server.

    Payment can be made with variety of options (Paypal, credit cards, debit cards and ect.) depending on the country you are currently in. From the method of payment also depends processing time and the enrollment fee. Please note that we are trying to minimize processing time for launcher. Administration is not responsible for incorrectly transferred funds.

    By purchasing goods at our website you are confirming that you are 18 years old or you have received your parent's approval. We are not responsible for purchases that were made without an approval as we cannot control that.

    Refund or purchase transfer

    Purchases of services final and it is not refundable.

    Request of refund will lead to block of your account on the server (ban).

    Owner of the account is responsible for the access and safety to the account. In case of hack, ban and ect. Purchased services will not be transferred.


    If you have any issue purchasing services, please contact us at - support@mineland.net. Please provide detailed information about your purchase: nickname, current rank, issue explanation, payment proof.


    Administration guarantees personal data safety, excluding the force majeures. In case of the force majeures administration have the right to make a decision for further actions.

    Any received personal details will be used only for payment operation by administration also by a payment systems.

    About organisation

    Mineland Network is a network of Minecraft servers that is not connected with Mojang AB. Any donations or purchases made in this shop are going for support to developers of Mineland Network.

    * These terms could be amended at any time without any special announcement.

    ** To get more information and support please contact us at following email address: support@mineland.net
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Thread Status:
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