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Declined MarcTheDev's Application

Discussion in 'old mod applications' started by MarcTheDev, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. MarcTheDev

    MarcTheDev New Member

    Oct 15, 2017
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    1.Your nickname Bryce (Changed Username originally marcthedev)
    2. Since when are you playing on the server? Most likely, a week.
    3. On which server are you playing (Skyblock,Skyblock Light or Skyblock Loaf) I usually play on the Bed Wars Server.
    4. Did you had bans/violations on the server (Indicate the reasons) Nope.
    1. Your name
    Marc Anthony
    2. Age 16
    3. Timezone Pacific
    4. Game experience on the server I guess one week isn't long, but I have played on servers since 1.5.2. I play on Bed Wars, and I really enjoy how unique the bed wars is, which attracted me toward the network. Especially, the way different servers have it.
    5. Knowledge of project rules (Were translated recently, check the rules tab) I know you are not allowed to impersonate / mimic other staff members. Also, no inappropriate names / skins, which I do abide by. For moderators, I would abide by no teleporting, and abusing my powers which is of course a requirement, since moderators are to help make the gameplay fun.
    6. Conflict situations on the server and their causes (If you have them) I have never been in any conflicts. I believe if you become staff and have conflicts, you will be hated by the community. I am also respectful to everyone and I keep a high reputation because I believe that you shouldn't be disrespectful, or escalate any problems, just apologize and you'll be fine.
    7. Willingness to follow orders of the main moderator (Only on the server) - Yes.
    8. Knowledge of English language - Yes.
    9. Knowledge of Russian language - No.
    10. Willingness to talk with players polite even in "harder" situations This is a huge yes because staff need to be professional 100% of the time. You represent the server and showing just a little of immaturity, can lead
    11. The presence of the microphone. I do not own a microphone, but if needed I can try, but most likely I can't.
    12. Contact details (Skype,Discord) Skype - minecraftguild12 Discord - Marc#5343 (Already in discord)
    13. Have you been a moderator on other servers? I have been a moderator on other servers. I have worked for 6 networks, and 10+ servers that have lasted from 1 month to 2 years. I never had problems being a moderator, but I have also owned servers. I have ownership experience as well, but I hate owning (money problems). I'd rather just dedicate to a big network, and It'd be the same experience.
    14. The amount of time you can spend on the server If I became staff, I would triple my playing time. I would be on the weekends (8-10 hours) and on weekdays it would be 2-3 hours due to school work and I am taking college classes at my high school.
    15. Your occupation High school.
    16.Willingness to work hard I would be work extremely hard because why become staff just for the title. I came to do something good, and get experience on working as a moderator on a big network. I would dedicate each and every day when I can toward the server. My passion for gaming is what helps me thrive to do my best on minecraft servers. If a staff member is lazy, he would just come for the staff position and abuse. I came so I can work hard and show this company that I got what it takes to be a moderator.
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  2. xJund

    xJund resigned staff

    Jul 31, 2017
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    Sorry for the late response. I will message you on discord now :)