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Skywars - More information for newcomers

Discussion in 'Server suggestions' started by HermanWolf, Oct 17, 2017.


More hours of temporary ban for teammers in solo Skywars?

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  1. HermanWolf

    HermanWolf Resigned staff member New Member

    Sep 30, 2017
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    I've met players that never knew that teaming was banneable; when I told them in chat they were sorry (and some others lied), so to avoid confusion and to know that when players team, it was ment with all their intention, I suggest to add a sign behind the NPC for skywars solo that says: Teamming in solo will get you banned (also in Russian language). Also another sign but behind the NPC for skywars team that says: For teaming with your friend do /party invite (also in Russian language of course).

    I never knew I could team with another player until a more experienced player invited me, before that I was leaving and entering the match like an idiot hoping for the chance to team with my companion player. That could have lead me to temporary ban for spam.

    Also it would not be bad idea to ban the teammers but for a higher time like 24 hours to 72 hours instead of 8 hours of temporary ban, because when the report is read maybe the player is not playing anymore, so the punishment starts from when its read and probably when the player comes back the 8 hours penalty could have had already passed, so reporting a teammers could be pointless, for example I rise a report on forum of teammers, then after 12 hours the report is read and the punishment is applied but probably for that time of penalty the player could be in school or sleeping, so could be lucky to not notice that there was penalty when player comes back. Also with the previous warning signs of that teaming is banneable there would be more security to apply a more severe punishment.
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  2. xJund

    xJund resigned staff Mineland Official New Member Member

    Jul 31, 2017
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    lol what?
    Kentucky (United States)
    Interesting thought. I personally believe that it is their fault for not reading the rules since they are readily available. Something maybe that I thought of was instead of having the ban take effect now, have it take effect when they try to login again or automatically if they are online. That way, they know the whole time of their punishment, and will most definitely see it.