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READ FIRST Commands, Features and FAQ

Discussion in 'Rules' started by AcidRain, Jul 15, 2017.

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  1. AcidRain

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    Jul 14, 2017
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    You can play on the server on the version from 1.8 to 1.12.

    To buy a donate, visit our store.
    In the game you can see a description of all possible purchases - type /donate.
    If you have difficulties with buying or crediting donate, contact the group: vk.com/mineland or write an email to support@mineland.net.

    Server rules can be read from the link.Else right in the game you can see the abbreviated version of the rules, for this type the command: /rules.

    To communicate with the administration on the server type the command /report for your question, complaint or found bug. Ideas for improving the server offer on the forum.

    If you want to help the server, you can leave an application for various posts.

    Registration and account.

    After registering on the server, don't forget to connect account with the mail, type /addemail. After confirmation you can change password /changepass. Also you can change email /changeemail. All account settings can be changed with command /settings.
    You can use various of skins, just type /skin nickname. All skins can be found on mcskinsearch.com/browse.


    The server has mini-games SkyWars, BedWars, BuildBattle and three skyblocks SkyBlock / SkyBlock Light / Skyblock Loaf. Mode can be choosed in compass. For returning in the lobby type /hub.

    Also in the lobby you can find a menu with effects that can be obtained from the caches, and next to the mini-games there is a menu for setting up the outfit.


    To view warp and features use the compass or command /menu. Spawn has mob arena /mob, parkour /pk, /shop, pvp arena /pvp, a place for enchantment /enchant and island wiht help /tutorial.

    For communication use:
    ! before message to say in global chat.
    /t to say in trade chat.(Can be turned on/off in settings.)
    /m nicname - for personal messages
    /mail send nickname - to send message than can be read later with command /mail read.

    For teleportation to other players use /tpa nickname, to answer the teleportation use /tpaccept or /tpdeny.


    To begin survival type /start. To complete quests type /c.
    You can change your island with commands /is and /flag.

    On the island you can add an unlimited number of players, enable and disable pvp and monsters, change biomes and much more.To improve the island, you can buy a rank on the site or get it from the cache.The island has a limit of 100 friendly mobs for a regular player and more for donators.

    Things and economy

    On the skyblock axes, swords, bows and elytras don't break. Also with diamond ax you can cut down whole tree at once.

    To check balance use /money nickname.
    To pay someone use /pay nickname amount.

    Resources can be bought on the warp /shop, warps of other players, auction.Also you can get resources for free playing on the mob arena or opening cases.

    To see all warps use /warp all, to teleport use /warp name

    To use auction take item in the hand and type /auc amount price. To buy items on auction use /bid.

    For business development there is a tool for selling items through plates and installing warp (/ warp). Warps can be set by donators.

    For selling / buying write on the plate:
    [sell] or [buy]


    To find out the id of the object, you need to take it in the hand and type /id.

    To see top of the islands type /is top or top of the balance /balancetop

    Still have questions?
    Do not hesitate, ask on the server, forum and in the group. We are happy to help :)
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