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READ FIRST Server Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by AcidRain, Jul 15, 2017.

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  1. AcidRain

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    Jul 14, 2017
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    General server rules:

    Follow the rules
    By playing on the server, you agree to comply with the rules below.If the player does not agree with them, he must leave the server.

    The administration has the right to change the rules at any time.
    Penalties for violations can be changed by the administration in a particular case.
    Punishment, not specified in the rules, is chosen according to the administration.
    The administration is not obliged to return things lost due to unforeseen circumstances (bugs, kickbacks, thefts, etc.).

    Donations on the server are voluntary.
    Administration is not liable for improperly transferred funds.
    Paid purchases and funds are not exchangeable or refundable.

    Rules of the game on the server

    1. Username

    For your username, the use of obscene or offensive words, the names of other servers, prefixes admin, moder, helper, etc. is prohibited.
    It is forbidden to impersonate the administration or try to create a similar nickname.
    It is also forbidden to create obscure nicks such as: fjahnh123, djahduy or containing only digits.
    EXCEPTION: Nicknames less than 8 characters are allowed.
    Punishment: Permanent account ban.

    2. Skin and messages at the entrance.

    Skins / cloaks of obscene and vulgar content are prohibited.
    Forbidden greetings and farewells, violating the rules of the server (caps lock, advertising, etc.), as well as deliberate flood messages.
    Punishment: Skin change or account ban for 2 days.
    Punishment for the messages is issued respectively with the violated chat rule.

    3. Multi-account. (ALT- account)
    It is forbidden to have more than 1 account.
    Exception: you can create another working account with the nickname 'nickname_work', where you can help with people, but you can not use this account as your main account.
    Punishment: Permanent account ban.

    4. Sale, transfer or hacking of the account.

    The sale and transfer of an account for gaming or real resources is prohibited.
    It is forbidden to hack someone else's account, as well as actions aimed at obtaining information about the player's account (password and mail).
    Punishment: Permanent account ban.

    5. Sale of game resources.

    Sale of game resources for real money is prohibited.
    Punishment: Ban for 30 days.

    6.Bugs using.

    It is prohibited to use bugs, dupes, flaws of modifications and plug-ins.
    Punishment: Ban for 30 days.

    7. Cheating (Using third party programs)

    The use or presence of cheats that give an advantage over the player is prohibited.
    Macros and key bindings are forbidden.
    Punishment: Ban for 30 days by IP.

    Rules of communication on the server

    1. Curses and swear words, including those that are veiled or abbreviated.
    Insulting players and their relatives.
    It is prohibited to blackmail, threaten and provoke a player to violate the rules.
    Punishment: Mute for 30 minutes | Mute for 60 minutes.

    2. Messages in the upper case (Caps Lock), spam (pointless text), flooding (repetition of messages or symbols) and its organization.
    Exceptions: If the message consists of one word, then it is allowed to write it with Caps.
    Similarly, if the message is long, 1-2 words can be identified by Caps
    Punishment: Mute for 10 minutes | Mute for 30 minutes.

    3. It is forbidden to talk about politics, religion, drug propaganda, infringement of minority rights.
    Punishment: Mute for 2 hours | Mute for 12 hours.

    4. Dissemination of information about cheats, bugs, dupe methods and etc.
    This information should be reported only to the project administration on the forum.
    Punishment: Ban for 30 days.

    5. Advertising and mentioning third-party resources: servers, sites, etc. Insulting the server / project.
    Punishment: Ban for 7 days.

    Mini Game Rules

    1. It is forbidden to unite with other players on Solo-modes (including pvp arena on skyblocks).
    Punishment: Ban for 8 hours.

    2. It is forbidden to interfere with your teammates in a co-op game, to try to kill them, etc.
    Punishment: Ban for 8 hours.

    3. It is forbidden to build immoral buildings on BuildBattle.
    Punishment: Ban for 8 hours.

    4.It if forbidden to be afk on parkour, pvp or mob arenas more than 3 minutes.
    Punishment: Warning | Kick

    Rules of skyblock

    1. Griefing.

    Forbidden griefing, killing after teleportation for a peaceful purpose, trapping players, non-compliance with the agreement on the return of things after a fight or while working.
    Grief of the partner of the island is not punished. There is no resources return.
    Punishment: Ban for 30 days.

    2. Warps.

    - immoral / offensive / obscene name of warp
    - obscene design (buildings, inscriptions) (forbidden and on islands without warp)
    - to put warps in the lava / abyss / trap
    It is necessary to put the tablets in a conspicuous place with information about the included pvp or closed territory.
    Punishment: Removal of warp and ban for 7 or 14 days.


    Trading messages and advertising of your store are allowed in the trade chat / t [message].
    You can advertise the warp not more than once in 2 minutes.
    Punishment: Warning | Mute for 10 minutes.

    It is forbidden to cheat when exchanging / buying things and when working on an island.
    When selling broken things, you must warn the players in advance.
    With complaints, please contact the forum with screenshots or video.
    Punishment: Ban for 14 days.

    At auction, it is prohibited in collusion to raise rates or repeatedly unnecessarily overestimate the value of an object during a lively trade without buying it.
    Punishment: Ban for 8 or 42 hours.

    It is forbidden to sell things with immoral / offensive names or names from collections.
    It is forbidden to flood the same bets.
    Punishment: Ban for 30 minutes or 8 hours.

    Rules for communicating with moderators

    1. Appeal

    You can contact moderators in / report [message], on the forum and in the group.
    If the player does not have an online complaint or if the incident occurred a long time, send a complaint to the player on the forum with the evidence (screenshot, video).
    Moderators deal with situations of violation of the rules.
    If the question is not specific or not relevant to the moderator's work, it can be ignored.

    Flood / spam in the report
    Punishment: Warning | Ban for 1 hour.

    To beg for things / privileges / assortment.
    Administration unban only in the case of a ban issued by mistake.
    Refer to the topic "Applications for unban".
    Moderators do not give or return items.
    Punishment: Warning | Mute for 20 minutes.

    It is forbidden to interfere the work of moderator.
    Do not spam the teleportation requests for no reason, messages not on the case, etc.
    Punishment: Warning | Ban for 1 day.

    To deceive, mislead the moderator.
    Punishment: Ban for 1 day.

    2. Discussion of the work of moderators
    The work of moderators is not negotiable on the server.
    If the moderator misunderstood the situation, write to him one message explaining your actions or a report.
    If the wrong punishment is not removed, you can leave a complaint with the evidence of error on the forum.
    Insult or criticism of moderators, administrators in the chat room, in the personal messages, in the report are forbidden.
    Punishment: Ban for 8 hours or 5 days.

    Rules and regulations of moderators

    Moderators must comply with all the rules above and punish the players justified.
    Moderators can change the time of punishment at their discretion.
    Must make screenshots of violations.

    - use powers for personal purposes
    - to teleport / kick the player and teleport to him for no reason
    - Damage / damage to the player
    - be in afk mode

    It is forbidden to moderate / administer on other projects.
    Moderator can be removed from post due to violation of rules, low online, disagreements with the administration, etc .

    The main moderators, builders and economists are prohibited from violating the above rules and interfering with the game process.

    Rules of testers

    Testers should examine the server and test the updates.
    It is necessary to take screenshots of bugs and in time to report them to the main tester.
    You can check known bugs only with the permission of the main tester.

    - interfere with the game process / players
    - use powers for personal purposes (flying in mini-games, etc.)
    - use bugs, dyups and shortcomings of the system for personal purposes
    - report information from test servers and bugs to players
    Punishment: Removing from post + Ban for 30 days

    Rules of builders and designers


    - interfere with the game process / players
    - use powers for personal purposes (flying on parkour, in mini-games, etc.)
    - to give or sell things from the creative mode
    Punishment: Removing from post + Ban for 30 days
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