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Declined My Application

Discussion in 'old mod applications' started by Chebell, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Chebell

    Chebell New Member

    Jul 24, 2017
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    1.Your nickname: Chebell

    2.Since when are you playing on the server?: I Only Just Heard of the Server and Was Hoping to Get some Experience On Here!

    3.On which server are you playing (Skyblock,Skyblock Light or Skyblock Loaf): SkyBlock

    4.Did you had bans/violations on the server (Indicate the reasons): No as I only Just Joined :)
    1.Your name: Chebell, Irl Name is Che :)

    2. Age: 13

    3. Timezone: AU

    4. Game experience on the server: I don't have Any On this Server, But i have Experience on Other Server's With Helping Out And Staffing ETC

    5. Knowledge of project rules (Were translated recently, check the rules tab): I Do Not have A lot of knowledge On This Server's Specific Rules but i assume They are The Same as Other Server's Or Relatively Similar.

    6. Conflict situations on the server and their causes (If you have them): If a Staff Member is Harassing me I will Report it to a Higher Staff Member

    7. Willingness to follow orders of the main moderator (Only on the server): I am Able to Do Anything Requested By the Server Owner / Higher Staff Member's

    8. Knowledge of English language: English is My First Language

    9. Knowledge of Russian language: None

    10. Willingness to talk with players polite even in "harder" situations: I can Easily

    11. The presence of the microphone. Yes i do have a Microphone And Can Talk Usually Any time Im ON :)

    12. Contact details (Skype,Discord): Skype is Cheandbro And if You send me a Discord Link i can Join <3
    13. Have you been a moderator on other servers?: I was Helper On Opcraft and Sky Grind, but was Moderator On ViperHCF

    14. The amount of time you can spend on the server:
    Monday 3 - 6 Hours
    Tuesday 3 - 6 Hours
    Wednesday 3 - 6 Hours
    Thursday 2 - 4 Hours
    Friday 3 - 6 Hours
    Saturday 4 - 10 Hours
    Sunday 6 - 14 Hours

    15. Occupation: I am Very hard Working and Will do whatever Im asked to, This is why i think I'd be a Good mod And How i could help out -

    (1) Firstly, want this Rank because Sometimes just looking in chat, you can see Spam, Racism, and Just rude comments towards others, I really want to use My Helper Permissions to clean up the Chat and Make sure Nobody is Disrespecting or Harassing another Player.

    (2) Secondly, I would like helper because Sometimes if i try to help out, I will be thrown under the Bus and people just don't care about what i have to say, If someone asks for help and I give them the answer even if its just what they wanted! They will still get mad at me and Make a rude Comment just since i wanted to help. Im not saying all Server Player's do this, But a large percent Does and Its Really Disturbing to Watch All kinds of server's Tear themselves Apart, Player by Player, Server by Server.

    (3) Thirdly, Staff are Sometimes just ignoring Players and Not helping out, I mean sometimes They're not replying or doing anything just waiting For someone to Break a rule, I mean Technically they're still doing there Job, But there not Socialising With the Community, Therefor the Community doesn't get to know them and They're basically a New staff Permanently. Like Nobody Knows them! Yes, There still doing there job, But its just Unfair for the Players that need there help that Wont be Given.

    (4) Another Reason why i think I can assist this Server is by Getting rid of Hacked Clients ETC, I mean sure Everyone says that on there Application but i'm truly Serious! I want to clean the Server until there's None left (Even though thats gonna be near Impossible) Its still a Good Thing to Think About.

    (5) Another Reason is Because i want to give the People what they want, If someone says Please help hacker tp, i will tp, If Someone is spamming i Will sort them Out, And give them They're Proper punishment If another staff has Not Already Done so, Usually i see a Player typing Something like "STAFF ARE BAD" And Typing this 3 Or 4 Times, This Classifies as Spam and Staff disrespect, it Will not be Tolerated, If a player does No understand why they were warned i shall Inform them.

    (6) There is many reasons of how I can assist The Server, one is my level of staff experience, I believe that it is very good, reason why I would be a good fit for the position is that I am willing to do anything that another staff member is not willing to do, I am there and willing to do it, as I am here to help the server and not choose to do what I do, I understand that I signed up for this position. Another factor that would make me a good fit to The Server is that I do not get frustrated easily, so if a new member was not understanding simple commands (e.g how do I create a Island) I will make sure they understand. I try to help player's as much as i can! but I would prefer to be able to warn players for their unlawful acts in chat. Additionally, my knowledge has not only given me experience on how to staff correctly, but it has also given me knowledge on how to make plugins and how to setup plugins and their configuration files, I also know alot about the commands, I believe I am very well equipped. I did not only just be staff on alot of servers, but I also used to own my own server which gave me even more experience with plugins and the website making.

    (7) I believe if I'm given a chance, I will prove myself to this community! it looks a bit better than it already is by polishing up and cracking down on people who are incapable of following the rules in chat making the server look out of order and control.

    16. Willingness to work hard: I will Work hard On Anything You Guys Tell me to Do!
  2. JonasTD

    JonasTD The Community Manager Staff Member The Community Manager Moderator Manager Community Team

    Jul 10, 2017
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    Hello, sorry to say but your application was denied, We think you are too young and that you should try again in the future when you do meet the requirements.
    Also I've seen these reasons many times before ;)