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Staysqm's unban appeal.

Discussion in 'Ban appeals' started by StaySqm, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. StaySqm

    StaySqm New Member Member

    Jul 2, 2019
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    In-game name::
    Minecraft In-game Name: StaySqm

    When the punishment was issued? Yesterday

    Reason for your punishment: 4.1

    Have you ever been banned on Mineland Network? Yes

    Why should we lift your ban? To be honest , i just want to know the exact reason for banning me i found myself banned today and i dont hack some players say killara but my aim misses sometimes and they say fast clicks but it isnt so fast to be fast clicks it was just 14 cps (click per second) i use only butterfly to not get banned and i think the console banned me

    Extra Information: I was just training my friend at pvp and someone came named dani.. (forgot his whole name its with numbers)
    He said i hacks but i ignored him because i was just using 8cps with him and going easy with him i got banned hope you unban me, thanks
    Have a treat day all :3

    IP Address
  2. DemonDiablo

    DemonDiablo New Member Member

    Apr 27, 2019
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    4.1 It is prohibited to use and disseminate information about cheat programs, trainers, bugs, dupes, plug-in flaws that facilitate or change the gameplay. If you know any information about the flaws (bug, dupe), then you MUST contact the administrator / moderator.
    This definition also includes macros, a mouse click, prohibited modifications that give an unfair advantage. The maximum CPS allowed by the anti-cheat settings is 14. It is also prohibited to mark players on the modified mini-map.
    Recognition to use cheats / macros, in a baggage / dupe are punished.
    Punishment: Blocking a game account for 30 days by IP, with dupe set island.