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Monthly votetops

Discussion in 'Server suggestions' started by superomega, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. superomega

    superomega New Member New Member

    Jul 12, 2017
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    As you see people vote to get awesome cases and it also helps us gaining more players on the list, On many other servers, there is a top called the votetop.
    We do have it on the server and you can see who voted the most in all the time, But what if we would give monthly rewards for people who made it very high on the boards.
    For example:
    1st place gets 20 skywars/bedwars cases or skyblock cases
    2nd place 15 skywars/bedwars or skyblock cases
    3rd 10 skywars/bedwars or skyblock cases
    4-10 5 skywars/bedwars or skyblock cases
    This would really motivate people to vote and adds an element of competition which is good for the whole server, since we get more players if we are higher on the list.
    I also want to mention above could be completely different if you guys implement it but its the idea of it.
    Also I am sure this wont be that hard to add since we do already have automated tops, and I think you only need to reset it every month and give the items to the players
    Thanks for reading!