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Declined bxc13 for Mod

Discussion in 'old mod applications' started by bxc13, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. bxc13

    bxc13 New Member

    Sep 25, 2017
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    Hi am bxc13, i am looking to be mod on your server.

    1. My IGN is bxc13.
    2. I joined the server today, however I know how it is set up.
    3. I played on the bedwars server.
    4. I have not had any violations.
    1. My name is Braxton.
    2. I was born on 2/13/03 and i am 14
    3. New York time zone.
    4. I know all of the games from other servers i have been on, i am pretty experienced with the games that are on your server.
    5. I am very familiar with the rules.
    6. I have not had any conflicts on your server.
    7. I am very willing to do anything it takes to be a mod on your server.
    8. I am very familiar with English
    9. I have no experience with Russian
    10. I am very willing to try to calm down angry/ "not very nice" players.
    11. I ordered a Microphone off of amazon however it is still in the mail as i am writing this.
    12. I am Braxcraft13 #3042 on discord.
    13. I have been Moderator on many discord servers however i am not on any MC servers.
    14. I can spend almost all of my time, if you call me in to the server, l will be available 90% of the daytime (For New York).
    15. I do not have a job right now I am primarily focused on schoolwork.
    16. I am very willing to work hard, i will do whatever it takes.