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Declined My Moderator Application.

Discussion in 'old mod applications' started by RageGamingYT, Oct 5, 2017.


Please Can I Get Mod To Help Pepole?

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  1. RageGamingYT

    RageGamingYT New Member

    Oct 5, 2017
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    1.Your nickname - danl2580
    2.Since when are you playing on the server? - July 2016
    3.On which server are you playing (Skyblock,Skyblock Light orSkyblock Loaf) - I play Skyblock and Skywars (My Fave)
    4.Did you had bans/violations on the server (Indicate the reasons) - No
    1.Your name - Daniel
    2.Age - 18
    3.Timezone - London (UTC+00:00)
    4.Game experience on the server - This Is The Only Server I Play On.
    5.Knowledge of project rules (Weretranslated recently, check therules tab) - Yes, I've read them, so I don't get banner/kicked/muted
    6.Conflict situations on the server and their causes (If you have them) - I don't have any Issues with anyone.
    7.Willingness to follow orders of the main moderator (Only on theserver) - Yes
    8.Knowledge of English language - Yea, 100%
    9.Knowledge of Russian language - n/a
    10.Willingness to talk with players polite even in "harder" situations -Yes, I promise for all time even when I'm sad
    11.The presence of the microphone. - I have a Microphone and it works correctly
    12.Contact details (Skype,Discord) - Discord : Rage#07388
    13.Have you been a moderator on other servers? - No Sorry :(
    14.The amount of time you can spend on the serverocc1-4 hour perday
    15.Your occupation - Student
    16.Willingness to work hard - Always, i want to participate to make server Mineland Better that other servers.
  2. JonasTD

    JonasTD The Community Manager Staff Member The Community Manager Moderator Manager Community Team

    Jul 10, 2017
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    Application denied. Lying and not being active.