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Hey There!

Before going into the guide, let me clear few things:

1. By Appealing, you are not guaranteed to get unbanned.
2. Only Appeal in the Ban Appeals Section.
3. Ban Appeals are very formal procedures, do not include Emojis or abbreviation.
4. I would recommend using Imgur to embed Screenshots.
5. Double Posting an Appeal if Denied will not be resulting Good.
6. Do not DM Any Staff to check your appeal, They also have a life and will check the Appeals when they have time to.
7. This Guide is only for In-Game Server Bans, Not Discord Bans.

Here Starts the Guide:

Question 1.


Here, as mentioned, Type your IGN (In Game Name), Not Your Name or your Nickname. The IGN for which you are appealing, if your many accounts are IP Banned, type The Main one.

Question 2.


Here, either mention the correct Reason which you are shown on the Ban, Or just link up the Screenshot of The Ban Message.

Question 3.


Here, many peoples' appeals get denied because they lack of giving appropriate details. So, I'll mostly focus on this Question.

1. Never lie in questions like these because the staff have all of the records.

2. May you be appealing for anything, you have to provide the screenshots of the following:
.minecraft folder
- mods folder
- versions folder
- resourcepacks folder

To locate these folders:
1. Open the File Explorer
2. Type %AppData% in the Search Bar
3. Open .minecraft Folder

As I suggested, you can use Imgur to Link up the Screenshots. And Make Sure the Screenshot is uncropped, which includes the clock from the Bottom-Right Corner and The Last Modified Tab.

3. After Providing The Above Screenshots, Explain your point and include as many more proof as you can. Also try not to Threaten or Provoke The Staff.

Question 4.


Here, I don't think this question does any importance if your proof was overwhelming for the Staff to Unban you. Although, if you haven't read it, read it here. And be honest. :)

Thanks For Reading this Out and Wishing you Good Luck ;)

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