Creative+ Building Contest

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Mineland Network would like to announce about its newest event, a building contest for all the creative builders in our server away from every PvP aspect! ⚒️

The theme for this event will be a mine, yeah, a mine where players can go get resources and get stacked

❖ Rules
If you are found not following any of the following rules, you and / or your team will be disqualified:
  • Building must be done in Creative+
  • Building should include a place to mine coal, lapis, iron, gold, diamond, emerald.
  • The world the building is in should be void type
  • You're allowed to have a team of max 5 people
  • Only the plot owner may submit his creation, trying to post someone else creation will result in a punishment!
  • You are allowed to take your ideas from Youtube, Google..etc
  • You are not allowed to build any inappropriate buildings.
  • Last day to submit your build is in 6/7/2020.

❖ How will judges choose the best build?
The judges team will choose the best build based on the following:
  • Creativity
  • Appearance
  • Originality
  • Skills
❖ Prize ❖
And now to the important part that you're all waiting for ? The winner of this event will receive 10,000 in-game gold.
What if I had a team of 5? Will we split the gold? No, each one of your team will get 10,000 and the reason we did that is to improve friendship between our players! Not only that, but also you'll have the chance of your build being used in our servers in the future, how cool is that?!

❖ How to submit?
Please click here to join our Discord, there should be a channel named #️️️?️contest please post your build there with the format required, to see the format check pinned messages.