Creative+ Update - Animation

C+ Update animation.png

We've released a new small update in Creative+ related to animations, and there were a few several other changes.

➤ RolePlay Commands

New roleplay commands added to Creative+:
● /lay — you will be displayed lying down for all players, but you will not see it yourself. You can move around the world in this state and perform other animations. To get you up, write /stay. Compatible with /sit.
● /sit — you will sit down, but to get up you need to write /stay. Compatible with /lay.
● /stay — you get up.

There is a setting in the world that allows these commands. By default, these commands are disabled in the world.

➤ "Animations" Section in coding

Now coding in Creative+ has a new "Animations" section in actions on the player. In this section, there are 10 different animations shown above.

Player in a lying state & damage animation

Many animations are consistent with each other, so you can make interesting combinations.

➤ More code for regular players

Now more code is available for regular players, which means you can make better modes. More features may be available over time.

➤ About the last update

In the last update, there was an unexpected problem with messages, which made it impossible to understand how they work. This is almost fixed at the moment.
We took into consideration errors from the last update, so there will be no problems with the messages again.