Creative+ Update - Variables Update

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TLDR: We've added 15+ new features in the code, 3 new game values, the ability to set the description of the world, and a couple of small pleasant changes.

Detailed Description:

● 2 new actions have been added to the "player action" in the Inventory Management category: save and load inventory. Use "Save inventory" to save it to the world, and "Upload" to upload your saved inventory. This makes it possible to save progress easily and without unnecessary variables. The simplest use is: Login event -> load inventory, and exit Event - > save inventory. You don't have to do this, but it's the easiest and most convenient way to use it.

● Added a new "If variable" - "if variable exists". Checks whether a dynamic variable has been created in the world.

● Added 13 new actions on variables:

○ There are 3 types of number rounding: normal rounding, rounding to a larger number, and rounding to a smaller number.
○ Get the distance between two locations.
○ Get the X, Y, Z, Yaw, Pitch value from a location. Description: X, Y, Z are the coordinates, and Yaw and Pitch are the view directions.
○ Changed the relative coordinates/direction of view to a dynamic variable. Think of it as a relative coordinate, but only with the use of dynamic variables.
Note: the location outside the world does not work in the code.
○ Set the coordinates/direction of view to a dynamic variable.

● Added 3 new game values: Get a message from a chat event, get a player ping, and get a world ID.
We've also organized values a little bit.

● You can now set the description of the world. Although this is available from Gamer, regular players can also get access if any of the player's worlds reaches 30 votes, they get the right to change the description of the world. Don't be afraid, this right is given to you forever! :eek:
If players get rewards for reaching a certain number of votes, this topic will continue to develop. ;)

● Now in the worlds GUI a little information about the world shows including its name, votes for the week, and its ID.

● Now when you delete a world, you get back the gold you spent on extra coding floors.

● Now when you select a variable in the encoding, they make sounds. (Everyone loves sounds ;D) ?

● And a couple of minor changes and bug fixes. :oops:


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.