EPIC Suggestions for Creative+


ig this will make c+ a lil bit better

1. World co-op, this way, player can make another player be like the world owner too, but only og creator of the world can delete the world, The Co-oped world will also count towards world limit for each rank (1 for unranked and gamer, 4 for skilled, 5 for expert and 6 for hero), smth just like skyblock island.
2. A "Plugin" system: player can use worldedit wand to copy some part of their code, and upload it to system, and players can download to their world, Ex. player1 upload the TNT Rain code to the system as a plugin "TNT Rain" and player2 can download it to their world, this make a code sharing between main account and alt possible, Ex. player1 make a code "Select Kit" and upload it as a plugin named "KitPVP" but privately, that's mean the player can access it by a passcode for it only, or, if player have a specific rank or higher (recommended is skilled or expert) can upload it as a "paid" plugin, that means the player needs to buy the code for a specific amount of gold or silver, and put it on their world.
3. from number 2, when player buy/download a code or "plugin" they get to choose which world they want the code to apply to, and in what server, when they select it, the code will appeared as a hologram, smth like a grey hologram displayed "give item" will be displayed at where it should be, player can select the place where each event block will be, or if possible, make a fork of schematica if the player wish to place it manually.

That's all, yeah, you can complain if this is not that good or "troublesome", also feel free comment anything you thing about this suggestion, thanks


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#️1 - Paves way to another kind of griefing, gullible players are at great risk.
#️2 - Kills the fun of coding a world, testing it, and fixing bugs.
#️3 - Same as Number 2.

If this was a BuildBattle build, I would personally rate it Bad.


By my side,
The 1st, is very good idea, because i have some workers in my world, but if i am offline, then they cannot enter.

The 2nd, we don't need it, because, you need only Imperator Rank for a World Edit system.

The 3nd is sadly impossible, because that can makes the Server laggy or it can damage it. :/