Helpful Things to start 2b2t


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Okay my IGN is LegoshiWoof, i been playing 2b2t for whole 2020, The things i will post here are helpful things to start with and become the best player ever,


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First things to start 2b2t

1, Please use a Hacked client, Just your opinion

2, Please Travel from 2000 Blocks away from the spawn, There will be a chance for wood

3, Kill some nearby Pigs and Cows, It will be helpful for travelling

4 Make a fire aspect sword or make a Flint and steel, Useful for scavenging Cooked Food

5, Use the Obsidian road, Everything you see a obsidian road in the spawn, Just go travel with it, It will make your way to the woods

6 Go below 11 to get diamonds or use XRay

7, Make a secret base underground, It will be more stealthy for griefers out there

8, Beware of making a wood house, You will regret it

9, If your fully Loaded with items, Go to the spawn and kill some new players, Its healthy for the actual server and its a tradition in the actual 2b2t players

10, Make signs of your remebrance of what you did to your journey

11, Make lavacast or an obsidian Structure,

Okay Thats what i know, just wait for pt2