✔️Resolved I changed my name account and lost everything


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Hello, I have a problem on the skyblock 3
I changed my name on my acc on the minecraft website, which means that I lost everything, all my money (468 000$) and also my stuff which isn't really a problem and I also don't have access to my island anymore. Is there a solution or I'll have to wait 30 days to change my account's name again ?

Thanks for the answer


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Greetings @ElodieEnY,

As you can see, we're a cracked minecraft server. As such, in order to save a player's progress, every item/belonging/balance/stats are only placed into a single username. When one switch username, their former items/stats won't be their as it's a fresh username. In other words, a fresh account.

The only things you may do are the following:
- You may buy a nickname changer on our store in-which you can transfer your former username's statistics/balances into your new username (please take note that nickname changing does not transfer items that's in the former username's inventory). You may then go to our discord to request for a nickname change.
- If you can't afford a nickname change, you'll have to stick to your former username of you want to keep your belongings. Since there's a cooldown in-which you can change your premium username. I recommend using a cracked account to play on your former username.

Here's the link to our discord: https://mineland.net/discord/en

If you have any more problems, you may ask further here or send a direct message to me from our discord channel.
Have a great day ahead,
PVPPlayer555 | Moder⁺