iSimpAlot's Introduction


Hello this is iSimpAlot, and I'm here to introduce my self :)

My name is iSimpAlot, but you can "Tybear i like being called Tybear because that was my old username and I guess its better than "iSImpAlot"
I love playing minigames such as Skyblock and Skywars! I like Skyblock because the skyblock here in mineland is really unique and best imo
I like Skywars because i like Player vs Player games and it would also be fun if I were to knock them into void.

Facts about me: I love to play basketball, I'm a Filipino, I'm 14 yo, I play Skyblock 6-12hrs a day (I AFK like 6hrs) and I'm a boy :)
My hobbies are playing Sports, such as basketball, chess ( i suck at it) and etc.
My favorite food is a Filipino Delicacy its called "Tinola".

My favorite colors are Lime (I cant find the lime text color >;c) and Purple
That's all thank you, I hope you get to know me more :)
My introduction is so bad.