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To all those who dare listen a Mineland event unlike one ever heard off.
A Queen and King are only as strong as their kingdom, but since the king died last winter, Queen Aya has been kicked out of her castle and calls upon the players of Mineland to help her build a new nation.
She is in need of only the brave and willing to help her build the new kingdom.
One that out shines the last.
To show those who over threw her that there is only one kingdom that will rise, the Kingdom of Mineland.
As you can probably tell the next Mineland event will be a building event with the theme: Medieval Ages

Build requirements:
• The build should be within a 64x64 area.
• Only blocks from 1.12 or lower should be used.
• The use of forge or any building method modifiers are not allowed.
• The builds should be done in Minelands Creative+ Servers.
• The use of World Edit and Heads are allowed if you have access.
• You may work in pairs of 2 or solo, but be sure to mention your partner in your submission.
• Original Builds Only.
• The build should follow both the Discord and Minecraft servers rules.


Rewards are as follows:
• Event Champion role until next Event
• Custom Discord Tag
• 5000 Discord Silver
• 10000 Gold In-Game
• And a chance for your build to be added to future Mineland projects

To learn more on how to join this event join the Mineland Discord at: https://discord.gg/mineland

(Event ends on 10th August)