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Ok so before Im going to start I just want you to know that thats my thoughts about the Mineland bedwars I respect the people who made it and the owner who is keeping the server up and the staff team for catching many cheaters before. So lets start

1. the recurces:So we all know the recurces in the Mineland bedwars but I think this needs to be replaced with the goldiron emeralds and diamonds Becuase it just doesn't fit well in bedwars

2. Bedwars no timer. So the skilled rank and upwards rank dont ahve ANY timer and i THINK thats p2w becuasethen you try go break a bed they would respawn instanly and may kill you if you had a hard fight with them.

3. You cant play on 1.8 vanilla. I think thats fixxed and i havent tried this after the update of bedwars anyway so then you try to go in bedwars in 1.8 it will kick you out of the server of ''Kicked from the cheats detected on your client'' even if you dont have hacked clients on you.

4. theres a hunger bar: So theres a hunger bar in bedwars just why? Its just annoying to me stop running becuase my hunger bar is to low.

5. You loose all your items then you die: so i really wanted to talk about this and its really annoying to just die and loose your sword/armor/tools everything and i think the toolsshould not be lost then you die.

6 the withers: so Then the match takes to long theres the withers who will kill you if the match is like 25 mins long and the matches should be aleast 45 mins until the withers spawn.

Those are my problems pls dont send hate to me its just a thought I really play on Mineland.net and i respect the staff team. I hope this can change bedwars a little bit but just not be a rip off of Hypixel bedwars like having the gens splitted up or so that would make it more like bedwars for me and some others in the community. Thats it Have a good day:)


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Greetings ByzantineMapping,

About our Bedwars minigame, it will soon have an update in-which some features gets replaced or updated, and bugs gets fully fixed. However, it may not be connected in your suggestions. For one, related to our form of resources, the use of experience resource and not physical ores gives our server an unique form of Bedwars. Secondly, the withers are added to give off more heat into the final end parts of the game. Similar to the skeletons that is spawned in Phase 2. Same goes with the hunger and loosing of items. About not being able to play on 1.8, please take note that our server's main version is 1.12.2. We do support players who play on the earlier and later versions of Minecraft however, we highly recommend using 1.12.2 when playing on our server to avoid certain bugs and problems. We kindly ask for your patience in both the updates and problems. Nevertheless, thanks for your suggestions.

Hope you understand, have a great day ahead,
PVPPlayer555 | Moder³
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