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Some tips before going into the guide:
  • By reporting someone, the player is NOT assured to get punished, the staff team checks your provided proof and takes necessary actions based on it.
  • Only report in the report rule breakers section.
  • You may not try to threaten or provoke the staff, as it won’t be tolerated.
  • You may not tell/bug a staff member to check your report.
  • This is a guide for Server-Based Reports NOT DISCORD
  • For Cheating/Hacking reports, we only accept videos.
  • You can use /report (player) (reason) in game to report someone if you don’t have proof.
  • Reports for Moderators/Staff should be done and discussed directly with the Manager xAbode_ : abode#️️8440 or Justice Starphazed: starphazed#️️0001


Question 1.

Here, as the questions states very clearly, enter YOUR IGN (In-Game Name) not the person’s who you are reporting.

Question 2.

Here, as the question states, enter the Rule Breaker’s IGN (In-Game Name)

Question 3.

Here, you need to select the gamemode where you found the player breaking the rules. If you don’t remember the gamemode or didn’t find the importance the specifying the gamemode, you can just select Other.

Question 4.

Here, you need to select the specific rule which the player has violated. You can find/read the rules here.

Question 5.

Here, as the question clearly states, you need to provide the proof for your report. Proof can be a Video, a Screenshot or even just a Name.

As said earlier, for Hacking/Cheating reports, we only accept clear video proofs.
As for Chat Violations like Spamming, Swearing, Cursing and Insulting, you may need to provide proof as a screenshot.

For Videos, we would recommend you to upload it to YouTube or Streamable.
For Screenshots/Images, we would recommend you to upload them to Imgur, Lightshot or Just paste the image in the blank.
As Reports are very formal procedures, please try not to use abbreviations and/or emojis.
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