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A Survival Tutorial by CheeseLasagna
Warning: Do not Read if Lazy
Many players in Mineland have entered the Survival server in hopes of having fun, only to see Russian texts almost all over the place. This tutorial is aimed for the people who experienced the same thing. Why did you even read this what the hell?

The Tutorial
The first time you join Survival, it'll be your Grand Entrance, it's the only time you will ever have your name slapped in everyone's chats when you join. Your Grand Entrance ends when a greedy player robs you, unfortunately yes that is indeed true. Now, you would need to enter the command /kit start, this command will give you the Starter Kit, it contains a set of Iron Armors, Tools, and stacks Wooden Logs. If you feel really rich, you can do /kit vip, it gives you a set of Enchanted Diamond Armor, a sword, and some enchanted golden apples.
Now that you have the right tools to start your journey, let's go now to 3 blocks forward, 5 blocks right. 2 blocks left, 2 blocks backwards, 3 blocks left, and 1 block backward. After that lengthy process of scrambling at spawn, you may now proceed to the Auto-Mine! It's a mine being automatically filled! I know what you're thinking. Don't worry it's just near Spawn you'll find it. When you're there, mine everything you can. When your inventory's full, do /sell Cobblestone, it will obviously sell all of your Cobble. You can also do /sell hand to sell anything in your hand. Now you might be asking why in the hell I'm asking you to do that. Simple answer, money. Money, of course is the main financial resource in Survival, you can even FLEX with it! You can view how much money you have with the command /money
You have money and the tools, wow great now I need to explain how you make a home. Before even building one, you would need to find a great spot to build your home, to randomly teleport to the wild, enter the command /rtp. When you have found your home spot already, do //wand, yes, two slashes. This will give you a WorldEdit axe, with this axe, you would need to set the corners of your region. Okay, when setting the corners of your region, you MUST do the following: Dig down with your shovel and pickaxe until bedrock, then set pos1. With your wooden logs from Starter Kit, build your way up as high as you can and set pos2. NOTE: Without doing this, griefing of your region is very likely to happen. After setting the corner positions of your region, enter the command /rg claim <id>, the id argument can be anything unique, preferrably your username. Before going to the spawn or anywhere, enter the command /sethome to set a home point. You can always go back to your home point by entering /h.

Other Tutorials (Optional)
Remember when you were robbed on your Grand Entrance? This is now the time to Retaliate! When a new player comes in to Survival for the first time, a yellow Russian message will appear. When you see it, go to spawn using /s and rob the player by right-clicking them. A player can only be robbed once, when you're a turtle, you will only win a race against a snail. By successfully robbing new players, you will get a case which you can open at the Discoveries Altar, there are two of them at spawn. The cases you will get from doing this can give you many things, ranging from Mob Transformations to ores and diamonds.
Survival has some fun commands, let's go first with /mob, as mentioned on the tutorial above, you can unlock mob transformation from cases. With the aforementioned command, you can transform to any mob that you have unlocked. One of the useful ones is /tpa <player>, to many players this is already obvious but I'll just explain it for those who don't know. When the command is used, it sends a teleportation request to the player you have mentioned. If your request is accepted, you will be teleported to them. The command /marry can be said as one of the most unused ones, with this command, you can marry players, set a home for them and teleport to them. No, you can't make children with the player you have married. The last command I will be explaining is /c. Yes, it's just one letter.This command lets you create a clan, join a clan, and of course, leave a clan. Finally, the end has come with the tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I set a second home? or maybe a second region?
A: You're very lucky because No, you can't.
Q: I need more cases, please help.
A: One very great way is to enter the command /vote, you can vote on the server listings and receive cases for FREE
Unanswered Questions
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