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Hello xAbode_ I was hoping to apply on may 25 but i couldn't and i'm currently not sure is the application still accepting people or is it cancelled ?

I'd love to work in Mineland and make the place better if i could!
Hello I am sabrout11 in minecraft and if you want to see me in discord my name and number is ChrisAfton#️️️2326 Im not online forever but you can send me a freind request and a message on the forums CYA ;)
imagine if staffs made a rick astley statue singing "never gonna give you up" on all the hubs
how to apply for modder?
ive got a false ban only once but is it still ok to become a moddeR?
applications for moder are taken via google docs!! the link is over at the front home page.

you're still allowed to apply for moder even if you were banned before, but it can't have been within the past month.

hope this helps!!