Become a builder

Apply for the position of Builder

Hello! This is a recruitment for the builder position at the Mineland project. Recruitment is strictly from 14 years old, but rare exceptions are possible. To apply, fill out the form provided below: Deception is not welcome and will be revealed in any case.

What can you get as a builder?

  • Valuable experience;
  • Communication with the staff;
  • Payment for your work.

Main requirements for the candidate at the time of application:

  • You are already 14 years old;
  • You are not banned and have not had serious violations within 30 days;
  • You know the basics of the project modes;
  • You are adequate, stress-resistant, responsible, conflict-free, can work in a team;
  • Having a working microphone, a Discord account.

Additional information:

  • The application review period can take up to 7 days;
  • All applications must be readable, with non-flashy colors and fonts;
  • Applications are allowed to be submitted only from the main account;
  • In case of refusal, you can reapply after a month.

To write an application, you need to create a topic and fill out the following form:

  1. Your in-game name
  2. Your real name
  3. Your age
  4. Time zone
  5. Your Discord nickname (You need to be a member of the official Discord server)
  6. Rate your knowledge of the following plugins (… / 10)
    • WorldEdit (FAWE)
    • VoxelSniper (FAVS)
    • GoBrush
    • GoPaint
    • Arceon
  7. If you are familiar with other plugins that facilitate the construction process, be sure to add them.
  8. Tell us about yourself
  9. Add screenshots of your works to Google Drive or Yandex Disk. This item is one of the most important and without it, you will not be admitted to the next stage of passing to the builder's position.
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