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    What went wrong with the MineLand Metaverse | The slow and deserved downfall of a money hungry monopoly

    That’s true, c+ is almost completely flooded with low quality games. To make your game stand out you have to pay gold for points that only last a week and are way too expensive (Like 1000 Gold for 110 Points is insane). Also there are no really useful updates in c+ anymore, like who knows how to...
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    Where did my rank go?

    Hey @ItsMeKoafe, it seems like you’ve changed your ingame-name. We currently don’t support nickname changes, but if your account is premium we can transfer your old account data to your new one. If your using cracked Minecraft you would have to purchase the item “Nickname Change” in the Mineland...
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    Hey @dailyolthuis, you can make ban appeals in the ban appeal section: Mineland Ban Appeals. Have a nice day! Sincerely,
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    Global/Other A new rule

    Yea, I understand you, however it is possible that you violated a rule for instance two hours ago and now got muted for it. Then the report got accepted and the player received three gold. This is my speculation on this. Also I don’t understand which rule you want to add here, we already have...
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    bruh sb in here is kinda bad

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    Fix the anarchy title!

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    Fix Custom Prefixes

    Hey @chaygrenouille, I think this is a great idea! If this would be applied the you could always see which rank they have. Also it would sort tab a little bit more, as it can be very chaotic. Anyways, have a nice day! Sincerely, OmicronGaming | Moder³
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    Creative+ Option of removing the game owner compass

    Hello Creative+ community, I would like to make a new suggestion regarding the compass every world owner has in their world in their ninth slot. The compass can be really annoying, especially if you have a “Set Inventory” code and want to put items in the last slot without moving the compass...
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    gold tax

    The only way to receive gold is the following: 1. Create an c+ game and make something cool so players will join and play the game. Then set a cool (or clickbait) title and make more players join 2. Once your game reached 1000 unique visitors (Can be checked using the /plot command and then...
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    gold tax

    Imagine you donate 100.000 Gold from your work to your main account, but you lose 10.000 Gold while doing that, so you only get 90.000 Gold on your main acc added.
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    gold tax

    Hey @Premier Proximus, so you suggest to remove or lower the tax on gold transactions? Sincerely, OmicronGaming | Moder³
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    Hey @Crazy_Jaan_, once there was a level system, but it got removed. I don’t think it would be good to add this feature again. Anyways, have a nice day! Sincerely, OmicronGaming | Moder³
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    Removal of non c+ related posts from this section

    Hey @sprinkler, the player reports have been moved into the „File a complaint“ section of this forum. The other suggestions are good ideas, you should spread them further to higher staff members if you want these to be used. Have a nice day! Sincerely, OmicronGaming | Moder³
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    Global/Other I want to buy hero+

    Dear @S8ulAbhinav , the Hero+ Rank is not available anymore, since it got removed a long time ago. But besides that you can purchase a custom prefix and set it to "Hero+". I hope this helps you out. Have a nice day, OmicronGaming | Moder³ Open for further replies.
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    Just an Average Mineland Moderator

    Just an Average Mineland Moderator