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  1. bkuvsna

    Hub Creative+ I discovered why Mineland is losing Players

    Hey there, members! I have been playing Mineland for 2 or 3 years. I liked the server very much. It's not the same as other servers. But unfortunately, the server has been receiving useless updates for the last year or more. Currently, the server doesn't even have 1000 players, but it had more...
  2. bkuvsna

    Global/Other A new rule required

    Hey @aalus_1, Making insults or making fun of names is a chat violation, but almost no one cares about it. But Rule 2.1 suits this violation. So, you can use that rule to report them, but there's a rare possibility for them to be punished. Regards, Binary Kinetic Universal Virtual Simulation...
  3. bkuvsna

    Mineland is dying?

    To the admins, moderators, and other staff Members.... [Not to normal players]
  4. bkuvsna

    Code Ranks using Variables

    Most of the players use items or code ranks manually, which is very annoying. But if we code ranks in game using variables, It will be much easier. Also, if you want to give players permissions like flying, building, etc. Then Let's see how to do it. Player Event(Kill Player)-> Set Variables...
  5. bkuvsna

    Hub Global/Other Mineland Voting Questions

    I have numerous questions about voting. There are only four links to vote on the voting page ( Nevertheless, The voting scoreboard showed that some players were voting more than four times every day. Is there any other voting site available that Mineland accepts except...
  6. bkuvsna

    TIPS to Get more and more gold

    ok ok I gonna PUA you
  7. bkuvsna

    Global/Other When reporting someone in forums give +3 gold like ingame when u do /report

    You will be banned for 2.1.1 :D Because Spam and invailed reports causes 2.1.1
  8. bkuvsna

    TIPS to Get more and more gold

    Buying gold is better than that way becuase itz free
  9. bkuvsna

    TIPS to Get more and more gold

    Players at mineland have a serious problem about golds. Most of them use it donate, upgrade code levels, buy silvers for perks and more. But How to get a lots of gold? It's very easy. But you need to wait 1 month for that. The technique you will use is "1 month gold savings". You just need to...
  10. bkuvsna

    How to Disable fighting between team mates using code

    I need Help Please give the code to disable Fight/PvP between teammates using Armor
  11. bkuvsna