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  1. ItzZahin

    Global/Other Add a Gamemode called practice

    Yeah, but a ranked one is needed.
  2. ItzZahin

    Creative+ Option of removing the game owner compass

    Hey Veddnt, I totally agree with you cause we have already gotten /plot command so the owner compass is just annoying. But if Mineland Developers remove it then the newbies will not understand the system also it can happen they don't read the reminder. So the best option is to add a function in...
  3. ItzZahin

    Creative+ Option of removing the kill/death messages

    Hey there ItsMeKoafe/PH_Beans, your suggestion is really helpful. I hope so that Mineland Developers will see that if we vote it enough. Sincerely, Support ItzZahin
  4. ItzZahin

    Suggestion related to /f join

    Hey aalus the suggestion was really really good and I liked it. Mineland developers never noticed that but I believe that if we vote aalus's "Suggestion" they will notice once. So please let's do it!
  5. ItzZahin

    Resolved Justice for aalus

    I'm glad to see that you have understood that what you have done in your past life. Everyone deserves a second chance. As it seems like you have already destroyed youe second chance with your craziness. I'd wish to give you a final chance but I'm not a moderator. That's the first forum post I...
  6. ItzZahin

    Resolved Justice for aalus

    Amazing 15. I'm glad to see that we still have some moderators like you who investigate the case till the end. That was a great impression. Good luck on your future projects! Thank you <3 - ItzZahin
  7. ItzZahin

    Hub Discord Creative+ Farewell for S8ulAbhinav

    Greetings S8ulAbhinav, I'm sad to hear that the Moderators team have banned you in game + in discord. But they are the slave of mineland rules. They have to follow them. That's why they got an important role (mod). After asking some proffesional moderators of mineland, I have found out that you...
  8. ItzZahin

    TIPS to Get more and more gold

    The best way is to **Buy golds**.... Yeah kinda cause we have to support mineland finance also ig.. nvm.......
  9. ItzZahin

    Resolved Justice for aalus

    I'm with you aalus. Do not be scared of these kinds of little animals. They are just jealous to see you shining. So you may proud yourself. Cause if there is 1 hater in your life, that means your life worth! Also do not try to reply them when they msg you and say that. You can just mobe onto...
  10. ItzZahin

    Greetings BedWars Players!

    Oh sad to hear. But I'll recommend you to write an ingame ban appeal in forums it may help.
  11. ItzZahin

    Greetings BedWars Players!

    Bruh if you break rules then he have to ban you ;-;
  12. ItzZahin

    Fix the anarchy title!

    So as we can see The anarchy title is written by the typos "Anarhy". So they must fix it also Mineland should not do any kind of mistakes like that cause it's best Minecraft server in most of the voting sites.So please fix it then it will be such a pleasure.
  13. ItzZahin


    After some investigations I have really found out that Bedwars 4 × 4 was more active than the Bedwars 3 × 3. So in my opinion, The administration of Mineland community should bring back Bedwars 4 × 4 but as we can see also there is no benefit of bringing them back cause if you wait like 1-2...