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    a totally normal chat
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    [GUIDE] Random NPC dialogue

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    Accessing Elements without Get Element [Guide]

    There is an easier method for accessing the elements from an array:- When we use "View variables from /world, arrays elements are displayed in the output in a [ (ArrayName)ඞ(Index) ] format. Here, my array name is %default% text_split which when viewed through view variable shows as...
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    i believe they mentioned adding it back in the stream
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    Removal of non c+ related posts from this section

    The posts of Reporting player should be removed from this section . Would be good to transfer the c+ coding guides previously made in "Suggestions for improving the server" here. Also transferring any code-related questions HAVING RELEVANT ANSWERS in the replies to this section.
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    Creative+ Add 1.16 to creative+

    Next decade? You don't think that's a bit too early
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    Global/Other I want to buy hero+

    If u make it as a custom prefix there is no perks. Hero+used to be 6 dollars which gave additional silver in games. It's no longer there
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    Global/Other I want to buy hero+

    That's a scam. No perks
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    Global/Other I want to buy hero+

    im not sure if hero+ is available anymore, i believe it just gives extra silver and a Hero+ prefix.
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    Creative+ Marketplace/"Auction house" (Guide)

    Eh can't really join ml nowadays
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    Creative+ Marketplace/"Auction house" (Guide)

    Aight but how do you plan on displaying the item without gui with all meta data
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    Global/Other suggesstion on skyblock

    Having to learn Russian to be a developer kekw
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    wait stacking multiple conditions are possible

    I did try it out. Is definitely better than ml.
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    Creative+ Coding

    Omg teaser real!!!!
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    Creative+ Coding

    Our code fixes most bugs