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  1. Ezolile

    Легкая помощь для новичка в кодинге creative+

    Привет. Это английский форум. Чтобы получить помощь на вашем языке, зайдите на русский форум Я постараюсь помочь вам, насколько смогу. Когда игрок порождает волка, установите имя волка на %player% волк и удалите кость у этого игрока. Затем в новом событии, когда моб...
  2. Ezolile

    The bed spawning point doesn't work or it's just me?

    I tried it yesterday and it is same for me. You can set home point to return to your home if you wish but you will still respawn on spawn.
  3. Ezolile

    "Two Mushrooms"

    It has been always like that. Until that is fixed just grow your own mushrooms to avoid spending money on them. If nothing changed you can grow them by making 1 block hole, on bottom of it place dirt or grass block, fill it up with water, plant mushroom of your choice in water and bonemeal it...
  4. Ezolile

    Is there a way to hide the right window that show ranks, clan, gold etc ?

    Hi there. I am not aware of any way to turn off scoreboard but you could use F1 key to temporarily turn it off and on (it turns off chat, boss-bars and hotbar too) or if scoreboard is too big and covers up your screen try press ESC then Options > Video Settings > GUI Scale. Set it to 1 or 2. I...
  5. Ezolile

    i cant mine soul sand

    You might be mining it in a wrong place. There is only one place where you can mine it. My in game name is Ezolile. If you see me in game I will show you or ask someone in Prison.
  6. Ezolile

    Minecraft not multiplayer

    Hello. This is not place for appeal. If you think your ban was invalid you can write appeal in here and staff will look at it. Make sure you provide everything necessary to prove that ban was invalid. Best regards from Ezolile.
  7. Ezolile

    Спамит ошибка

    Вероятно, вы установили код ожидания на длительный период времени, и эти действия ожидания накладываются одно на другое. Пока я не увижу ваш код, я больше ничем не смогу вам помочь. Напишите мне в игре, когда увидите меня, если вам все еще нужна помощь. С наилучшими пожеланиями от Ezolile
  8. Ezolile

    how do i enter creative+

    You can go play some other games like Prison, Sky block, Sky and Bed wars, Survival, Anarchy or Build battle if you want. Time will pass fast. You can AFK at hubs, Prison, on your island on sky block and similar. Just don't afk in mini games.
  9. Ezolile

    how do i enter creative+

    Since this is new account you need 6 hours of playtime on server before you can enter Creative.
  10. Ezolile

    How much time?

    I have played all of games on Mineland but mostly Prison and Creative.
  11. Ezolile

    How much time?

    I am not new. I have around 7000 hours of playtime on server (I have no life ;)). If you need any assistance with gameplay you can ask me here, on discord or in game. If it is about report, account issues or login, connectivity or payment issues it is best to wait for staff.
  12. Ezolile

    How much time?

    It depends. Usually staff will respond as soon as they see you have a question or issue that needs their attention. Forum is not most active lately but I do see staff online often. Some responses can take longer time like for example staff application which can take up to 30 days, resolving...
  13. Ezolile

    Spawn killing/cheating

    Hello there. If you are sure those 2 are cheating you can use recording software and report them here on forum in File a complaint section and provide your video proof since reporting cheating in game requires moderators to catch them in act of cheating and it can take time because cheaters are...
  14. Ezolile


    Насколько я понял, вам нужно как минимум 3 часа игрового процесса, чтобы creative + появился в главном меню. Но я видел игроков с более чем 5 часами игрового времени, и у них все еще не было доступа к креативу. Персонал что-то готовит и не сообщает нам об этом. Поэтому новая система, которую они...
  15. Ezolile

    Minecraft Multiplayer Frozen Screen

    With this setup you should not have any problems. My computer is like 10 times worse than yours and I am still able to play. Although I noticed that there is some weird lag in prison (not tps and ping issue). I had trouble playing it too but it did not froze. One thing you can try that helped me...
  16. Ezolile

    Greetings Prison players!

    You can set skin with /skin [name] for example /skin Dream. Then rejoin to server. Name should be Premium username who is wearing that skin. Skins are a bit of messed up depending on launcher used and some other things I am not aware of. They might not show correctly or they might. For example I...
  17. Ezolile

    Suggestion related to c+

    Good suggestion aalus. This would be very useful not just because of annoyance of coding it also because of reducing possibility to get banned since in last few months there are moderators that are lurking around creative waiting for someone to make mistake not coding spawn protection so they...
  18. Ezolile

    Greetings Prison players!

    Prison map and progress have been restarted for all players recently so you can't restore your progress and stuff. Basically we all started from 0. Prison does have rebirths and it is called Prestige in there. When you reach level 120 you can prestige. There is 20 levels of prestige. You can...
  19. Ezolile

    Disable PVP

    Most simple way to do this is Player Event Player damages player > If player is near location > Cancel Event Cancel event code is in Game Action block.
  20. Ezolile

    [GUIDE] @rename to help rename items

    Like veddnt said arrays will be named differently. 2 arrays named Test1 and Test2. You want to get value at index 1 from both of them you will use dynamic variables named Test1ඞ0 and Test2ඞ0.