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  1. _Rebel_

    Global/Other Add a Gamemode called practice

    V But u use creative+ to make ur own game/mode
  2. _Rebel_

    Fix Custom Prefixes

  3. _Rebel_

    Global/Other Add a Gamemode called practice

    Looks like someone does not know how the game works
  4. _Rebel_

    Global/Other Add a Gamemode called practice

    You should add a gamemode called practice like bedwars when you right click it it sends you to a lobby where you can select a game like bedfight,boxing,sumo,uhc,parkour,nodebuf,combo,bow And for that gamemode add a ranked elo systems on where we start from 1 000 elo and when we lose we lose...
  5. _Rebel_

    Survival Survival1 add a command /trade players is stop scam I thing best for this.

    Try adding more information/reason on why they should do/add type of command/feature yk _Rebel_:coffee:
  6. _Rebel_

    Fix Custom Prefixes

    Why don't you make a bug report with the following Link _Rebel_:coffee:
  7. _Rebel_

    Introducing A New mineland Experience/gamemode

    Why do you think /trade command Should be added to the game like what type of benefits/good will it do to thecommunity/gamemode if there were able to implement that type of feature/command yk _Rebel_:coffee:
  8. _Rebel_

    Introducing A New mineland Experience/gamemode

    Try Adding a Gamemode called kitpvp a competitive gamemode where players choose a kit to equip before going into battle and fighting each other in different players.Try making it so when we click the gamemode it sends us directly to the game and infront of us is a nice where we can right or left...
  9. _Rebel_

    Survival It’s good

    Already suggested
  10. _Rebel_

    SkyWars BedWars Fix Block Glitch

    For that you are able to make a bug report with the following Link _Rebel_:coffee:
  11. _Rebel_

    BedWars School kill massages

    think players would like to see these messages, and it's very cool in my opinion. Player has been graded with F by Player" "Player failed the test because of Player" "Player has been returned to school by Player" "Player is late to the class because of Player" "Player didn't finish his homework...
  12. _Rebel_

    Global/Other Instruction

    Make it so when we want to make a suggestion or a thread/post on the forums page we are given instructions on what to do and not what to do For example -for the suggestions thread make it so there are instructions like Suggest something that already has been suggested. (denied or accepted)...