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  1. opgamerXYT

    Survival Thread.

    Idk, If I should share it or not, Umm, Hmm, Okay Ima share it but not with the names. Just today, I got banned for 9.2, and, I made an appeal, But as soon as I made the appeal and tried to join ML, I noticed I am unbanned and a mail from a mod, telling me it's an invalid ban (Not telling...
  2. opgamerXYT

    Resolved Justice for aalus

    Sorry aalus, But now I agree to 15, I didn't know that much, He has done that "Love" thing to me too, But, I just ignored it as I thought it is just trolling and he is my friend, But now, I think aalus deserves no second chance. Sorry aalus!
  3. opgamerXYT

    Resolved Justice for aalus

    I am with my buddy aalus!