2023 suffix not working

Hi I have collected all 50 presents but I don’t have the suffix nor the cases. Could you please check it?

IGN: Julesstar


Cry about it L but srysly report at GitHub not here this place is not handled by dev they will say
Hello Is this issue still relevant after a month ig

I agree with @ezezeez,

You should report it on GitHub.

Link: Mineland · GitHub

Be more Nice ok ty :slightly_smiling_face:

Thats the Wrong link…
Its GitLab not Github.

Also please open a ticket im Discord Server:

/request suffix

Im the “#bot-commands”.

DJ | Moderator

No i will be rude asf i don’t get paid to tell u solution
And also ye gitlab

The prizes have been issued manually.

Tester² De_Mira