A guide to making a good game

NOTE This is a for everyone guide. Anyone can use this, it doesn’t matter if your game is 10 visits or 10 thousand.

This is by the owner of EmeraldSMP, CinoxPvP, msc, and ex owner of apvpgame (deleted)


Creating a good creative+ game is hard, that’s why I am making this guide. I remember 2 years ago, when I was 13, I never could get the game right. However, this was still when creative+ was a baby and no one knew anything. I feel really grateful that I lived through this so I can help you all

Chapter 1: Theme

NOTE a theme for a game has to be unique, consisting of easy to see colours. They should have 1 primary colour, one basic text colour, and one secondary colour

A theme for a game is hard, when you try to make it, try to stay clear of High saturated and dark colours. These being: &2, &1, &4 and &8.

I would recommend a basic text colour of &f Or &7 depending on your colour choice.

The &1 rule: NEVER USE THIS COLOUR. There is no time when this looks good, if you are trying to do a red and blue do &9 for blue and &c for red.
The &2 rule: Often used if there is a darker colour to divide it with the text example: mineland system message
The &3 rule: Dark cyan is good for uncommon ranks, it is also good bolded in chat
The &4 rule: Dark red is often misused, stay clear of this colour if you are just learning how to theme.
The &5 rule: Dark purple is good for rare scenarios or player attributes. Purple is good for magic themed games as a command header. It also goes well with unicode characters behind it and seperated from the main message with a gray colour (&7 or &8)
The &6 rule: Good for staff ranks or coin / economy based things. Income (revenue), coins, purse or bank values are all good!
The &7 rule: is a good alternative to &f in system messages
The &8 rule: Only use in mainly &7 whole messages as a word or as a divider of text. example: Mineland system messages
The &9 rule: Blue is the best colour to use, it can be used for scoreboard titles, looks good bolded and can be a substitute for &2 in chat. It is also a really good colour for low rank staff team members such as helpers or moderators. It is also an amazing colour to use as a command header. As in &9[System] text. It is also good for bossbars. DON’T OVERUSE IT THOUGH
The &0 rule: Don’t ever use it in chat, it is so hard to see that no one will like you for it.
The &a rule: Light green is a good scoreboard colour, same applies to bossbars. It also is good for economy messages example: &e&lMONEY &aRecieved &eX &afrom &aY
The &b rule: a good colour for scoreboards or bossbars, can be paired with darker shades to make some cool messages example: &9&lMANA &bYou are out of &9mana&b, please wait for your mana to fill up before you can use this ability &b and &c also work really well together. With &b being the primary colour and &c being the secondary example: &bSet fly mode to &ctrue &bfor X.
The &c rule: red is an amazing colour, versatile, not upsetting the eyes. It is good for mod or admin rank on your game.
The &d rule: It is hard to find a good use for pink in your game. Maybe as a colour if you are doing a multicoloured scoreboard.
The &e rule. Pairs amazingly with &c. &e is a good alternative for &f or &7 in system chats
The &f rule. This colour is perfect, there is never a time where it is bad.
The &l rule. Don’t overuse, it can be for ranks. examples: &c&lMOD &cname (from /ad msc) or &4[&4&lOWNER&4] name (from cinoxpvp)
The &o rule: It is hard to find a use for it and should only be used if you know what you are doing. Good for NPC dialogue though.
The &m rule: Don’t use it unless you are trying to create lines (never cross an actual message out)
The &n rule: Should only be 1-3 words in a message, don’t flood chat with underlines as it is unsightly

Chapter 2: The “server” conflict

People hate it when you call your minigame a server, sometimes it shows idiocy or lack of knowledge, others is it just annoying because it is a sign of arrogance or cockiness. Don’t call your game a server as people could A: think you’re violating rule 2.3 or B: ignore you as a whole

Chapter 3: The sad truth about nons

a lot of times, nons are ignored in chat. You should probably ask someone with a prefix or rank to /ad for you as it saves you gold and most ranked players are genuinely considered “more important”

Chapter 4: Originality

If you make a mining sim lifesteal or a pvp parkour, why should we play your game instead of the thousands of others. If you find my coding guides on the forums, you should read them and try to use any skills you learn to help you make the best possible game

Code skill: NEVER brag about your code skill, odds are, the people who brag in chat are some of the worst coders.
Being online: No one likes a no life, you should be able to bump your servers activity or host events on it but that is it

and with that, you should try to make your own game the best you can


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