A Serious Bug to do with anti cheat

As we all know the nether exists in minecraft and since the nether is different to the overworld it confuses the anti cheat into thinking your going faster causing the anti cheat to warn you saying your going too fast in one direction this mainly happens with /fly The reason why this occurs is because ur flying in the nether and chunks load and it still thinks your in the over world it doesnt know ur in another world within a world and because the nether skips a couple thousend or hunderd blocks than the overworld the anti cheat thinks your in the otherworld when in reality your in the nether the only way I think you could fix this is the to recode the your traveling too fast in one direction anti cheat or just add a seperate code for the nether and overworld Thanks for reading!

We already know about this bug, but we appreciate your intention to help the server.

TesterĀ² De_Mira