Albi4Life's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Albi4Life

Discord Name And Tag: Albi4Life#9678

Discord ID: 965339381667885106

Ban Reason: Doxxing | Violating Discord ToS

Why should we unban you? The IP’s from my meme ( and are fake I have checked them, I have proof! The person who banned me said “We checked and it’s real”, I even double checked the IP and even asked my friend if its real or not, he responded no. So your Helper has no proof if its real (Banned by ! goofy, 809795361727447083). He said that my “Link” was doxxing people and got their IP’s, I would not do such things its not allowed by Discord’s ToS, not allowed in my religion, not allowed in my family. So please see and unban me.

Proof: Click Here

Hello there.

Upon checking the proof of the ban, I have confirmed that it is valid. As per Terms of Service, this is considered as Doxxing. Furthermore, regarding the proof you have provided, Google Maps cannot show the location using an IP. I hope this makes it all clear why you will not be allowed to join back.

Appeal denied.

Have a nice day.
LadyAyakashi | Helper Justice